‘Indiana Jones 5’: John Williams Debuts Helena’s Theme!! Check It Out!!

John Williams is a living legend. His scores have painted scenes in a new light, brought joy to so many of us through the films we love, and continue to show his talent as a composer. The 90 year-old has created iconic themes for Star Wars and Harry Potter and so many others but one of his most iconic works to date is the theme from Indiana Jones. And now, as we are gearing up to see the return of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones 5, from director James Mangold in 2023, we’re also getting a bit of a look further into the film!

At a recent concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Willams described a story where he was recording a bit of the score with Mangold and once they had finished a theme for Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s character Helena, Mangold reportedly told Williams to debut the song at his concert at the Bowl despite the fact that the movie wasn’t coming out until the following summer. Prepare yourselves, it is one of the most beautiful themes I’ve heard yet and that’s saying something with Williams‘ music.

Per Slashfilm, Williams, the video was uploaded by music video and television cinematographer Chuck Ozeas and featured Williams talking about the theme and working on Indiana Jones 5 as a whole. “[I was] having a chat with our wonderful director Jim Mangold, who’s the most fantastic man, and last week as we recorded the music, Jim said, ‘Why don’t you play it at the Bowl next week?’ I said, ‘Well, Jim, the picture’s not coming out until next year.’ ‘That doesn’t matter! Play it at the Bowl!’ So here is Phoebe’s theme.”

He went on to describe Waller-Bridge‘s character. “She’s an adventuress, and she’s also a femme fatale, she’s many many things. And her music, she has lyrical music like an old movie star would look like except that she’s young and beautiful and wonderful. And here’s Helena’s Theme like six months too early.”

It might be because I am so emotionally attached to Indiana Jones as a franchise and a character but hearing this new score and knowing that we’re going to be back on an adventure with Indy and a new crew of characters just made me very emotional. Tag team that with how gorgeous this new song from Williams is, and it has me very excited for what is to come with the fifth Indiana Jones movie.

Indiana Jones 5 is out June 30. Check out the new theme below:


via Collider

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