Dan Lin Is No Longer in Talks to Be the Next Head of DC!!

Warner Bros. Discovery keeps searching for a producer to handle its promised ten-year plan for the DC Extended Universe as Dan Lin is no longer in talks to claim the position. According to THR, Lin could not take over as the DCEU supervisor due to his previous commitments with Rideback, his production company.

While the Warner Bros. Discovery merge is affecting multiple TV and film properties, with HBO Max being purged of content with no previous warning, the DCEU has been one of the major victims of the company’s new policy of cutting costs. For the last couple of months, the DCEU has been targeted for a major overhaul, which led to the shelving of nearly-finished Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah‘s Batgirl, but also an extended deal with Matt Reeves that reportedly ensures his The Batman universe will stay alive and grow. Unfortunately, other victims include the Supergirl and Wonder Twins movies, the Young Justice animated series, and even Batman: Caped Crusader, marked to be a revival of the beloved Batman: The Animated Series.

Warner Bros. Discovery is making a lot of fans angry with the DC restructuring, so the company is rushing to hire someone who can oversee the whole Extended Universe for decades to come, similarly to what Kevin Feige does with Marvel Studios and the MCU. Lin seemed like a promising choice, as the producer has proved time and time again he can handle big blockbusters with success. For instance, Lin has previously worked with Warner Bros. for Sherlock Holmes, It, and the Lego Movie franchises. He was also a part of billion-dollar films like Disney’s Aladdin, and beloved TV shows like Lethal Weapon and The CW’s Walker. It’s unfortunate, then, that Lin declined the offer, as his dropping out of the race might delay even more the DCEU clean-up Warner Bros. Discovery is clumsy trying to do.

The DCEU future looks uncertain for now. The current producer, Walter Hamada, almost quit his job after Batgirl’s cancellation. Hamada was convinced to stay on board at least until the release of Black Adam, the next DCEU film to hit theaters. However, that’s a very unstable situation, and since Black Adam will be released in less than two months, the clock is ticking for Warner Bros. Discovery to find a worthy replacement that can lead the DCEU in the direction they want it to go. For now, we keep watching for new developments in hopes no more DC projects will get axed without a good reason.

Black Adam comes to theaters on October 21.


via Collider

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