‘Halloween Ends’: New Image Teases the Final Due Between the Shape and Laurie Strode!! Check It Out!!

The Halloween season is finally upon us, which means Laurie Strode and Michael Myers’ decades long battle will soon be over in Halloween Ends this October. There has been so much speculation about this supposed final chapter in the Halloween saga, and fans are anxiously waiting for the end. Now, Universal has released a new image which teases the two mortal enemies are not going down without one last fight.

The image shared exclusively by USA Today sees Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie and Michael Myers doing what they do best: trying to kill each other. Michael has the upper hand in this particular shot as he has Laurie pinned against a table. The boogeyman is trying to stab the famous final girl straight through the ear with a knitting needle. Fans of the franchise will remember that Laurie stabbed Michael with a similar knitting needle in John Carpenter’s Halloween. Michael is looking to get some poetic revenge and, given what Laurie is wearing, this image most likely depicts the same fight from Ends’ teaser trailer.

While a lot is still unknown about this mysterious finale, what we do know is that this film picks up four years after the events of Halloween and Halloween Kills. Laurie and her granddaughter Allyson are trying to move on from the dreaded shape, even to the point where Laurie is taking a page from Sidney Prescott and writing a memoir to recover from her decades long trauma. However, when you live in Haddonfield, the ghost of Michael Myers is never too far behind. When a babysitter is accused of murder, the town quickly descends into madness once again.

halloween ends
Image via Universal Pictures

This particular image does a great job of reminding fans of Ends’ intense stakes. Both Halloween and Kills were blood-soaked love letters to the 1978 original, filled with haunting franchise Easter eggs. This finale to David Gordon Green‘s trilogy only looks to continue that heart stabbing trend. This new trilogy hasn’t been afraid to have a massive body count, and they haven’t been afraid to kill off legacy characters like Tommy Doyle, sheriff Leigh Brackett, and nurse Marion Chambers either. Because of that, it really does feel like either Laurie or Michael (or both) aren’t making it out of this finale alive. Laurie and Michael have died countless times in the franchise’s other timelines, but this film truly feels like the end of an era, even if it’s hard to believe that this will be the last deadly Halloween night in the series. However, no matter what the future holds for Myers, this will at least be the bloody swan song to Curtis’ version of Laurie.

Fans will finally see the end of Laurie and Micheal Myers’ story when Halloween Ends kills its way to theaters and Peacock on October 14. With almost a month to go till the film’s release, we should expect a new trailer in the near future. Until then, you can watch Halloween Ends’ previously released teaser.


via Collider

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