Idris Elba Not Interested in Taking Up 007 Role!!

The famous James Bond franchise needs a new star performer with the exit of Daniel Craig, and given this development, casting rumors have abounded that the role should be taken up by Three Thousand Years of Longing star Idris Elba. The British actor has, however, poured water on those embers of hope as he does not believe that the role is one for him.

The actor made an appearance alongside Drew Barrymore and Kyrie Irving on the podcast The Shop, and revealed that taking on the role of Mr. Bond is not a move that would offer him satisfaction, neither is it part of his career goals. “It is not a goal for my career,” he said, continuing to shut down the rumor mill. “I don’t think that, you know, playing Bond will satisfy some of my personal goals.” The actor understands that it would appeal to many but it’s simply not a course of action he is considering. “It will definitely satisfy the will of a nation. I’m not gonna lie, every corner of the world I go, and I’m talking about different cultures, they always go ‘Bond,’ and I feel it is beyond me at this junction,” he said. “It’s beyond me. You know, it’s not a question of, should I, do I, will I. It is what the will of the nation dictates sometimes.”

Should Elba take up the role, it will see the actor become the first Black Bond and he understands that there is an appeal to the idea, but it is one that he cannot see. “I’m not that guy, but in everyone’s world I might be,” Elba said.

The next Bond film is at least two years away, yet the question of the next 007 is one film producer Barbara Broccoli has thought through. Broccoli did reveal that Elba had been a part of the discussion for a long time and concedes that naming a new Bond is a huge decision for the franchise. Regé-Jean Page, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Jacob Elordi have all been rumored to be on the list for the role with Broccoli previously stating that the individual can be of “any race or ethnicity” but “distinctly male and British”.

While a Bond role may or may not happen, Elba has recently portrayed a powerful djinn in George Miller’s The Thousand Years of Longing while also starring in the survival thriller Beast. The film had the prospect of bringing Isan Elba and her father on set together but it didn’t work out. Elba is also set to reprise his role as John Luther in Luther.


via Collider

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