‘Willow’: Christian Slater Joins the Disney+ Sequel Series!!

The magic is continuing to grow for Disney+‘s upcoming Willow series, the sequel to the beloved fantasy film of the same name. At today’s D23 film and television showcase for Marvel and Lucasfilm, it was revealed that Heathers and Mr. Robot star Christian Slater will be joining the cast of the sequel series in an unknown role, alongside Warwick Davis, Joanne Whalley, Erin Kellyman, and Ellie Bamber. No details surrounding his role have been released at this time, but he joins an utterly stacked cast that’s sure to be full of magic when the series premieres in November.

The Willow series follows the titular sorcerer, a Nelwyn named Willow Ufgood (Davis) who discovered when he was just a boy that he was capable of great magic, saving a young child from the clutches of an evil empress so that she could fulfill her destiny to one day become empress. Now that Willow is an adult, and the baby is too, it’s up to Willow and a group of new, young adventurers to fend off new threats to the kingdom, and prove again that good conquers evil, no matter what.

While details of Slater‘s role in the series are being kept under wraps, Davis, who appeared at the D23 panel alongside Slater, said that the star’s performance was full of dynamism and energy — as is appropriate for someone coming into a story so full of magic and wonder. Longtime fans of the original film may remember the cheeky, boisterous dynamic of Val Kilmer‘s Madmartigan, a snarky but talented warrior who goes from hardened, locked-up criminal to a genuine hero, even getting the girl in the end. While Kilmer is not reprising his role for the series (though Whalley returns as his love and queen of the realm, Sorsha), Slater‘s presence in the series may be a similar energy, if the reveal that there was lots of ad-libbing on set says anything.

Producer Jonathan Kasdan spoke to Collider during Star Wars Celebration about creating the series, and what it was like attempting to bridge the gap between audiences who grew up loving the original Willow, and new fans who aren’t familiar with it, particularly when it comes to creating new characters:

“I knew that Willow had an advantage that I don’t think Star Wars did, which is that…the McGuffin of the story is a baby. And so it begs the question: what happened to the baby? Where did that baby go? The show is really about that question and about answering it and how it affects the lives of all these different people and how that character and that savior sort of figures into the future history of the world, and that was what we were going to do, and that was what I pitched them from day one, you know. We get to see what that little girl grew up to become. And the question is, where does she fit into our story, and at what point?”

Willow premieres on Disney+ on November 30.


via Collider

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