‘Werewolf by Night’ Trailer Teases a Classic Horror Inspired Halloween Special from Marvel!! Check It Out!!

The first trailer for Marvel‘s Werewolf by Night Halloween special is here. Starring Gael García Bernal as the titular lyncanthropic hero, the new trailer presents a black and white spectacle unlike anything Marvel’s ever created before, with monsters and demons and all kinds of tricks Marvel seems to be pulling from a hat we didn’t even know they had.

Presented like an old school Hammer Horror film, the trailer presents a gathering of unusual suspects, one of whom is the Werewolf by Night himself (Bernal). Disguised amongst a horde of suspicious faces, it’s a race to the finish line (and to keep themselves alive) against the end of the night itself. While it’s difficult to tell who’s playing who, or what characters appear outside of Bernal’s hero, we can spot Laura Donnelly, who was confirmed to be cast in the special back in January, reportedly as the Vampire by Night, a companion to the lycanthropic title character. We also see a brief appearance from who we assume is Kirk Thatcher, most well known for his special effects work with the Jim Henson Company, and a possible appearance from the TVA, the organization behind the hijinks in Loki.

It’s difficult to pull many other details from the trailer, given that it’s also entirely black and white — whether the special will actually be broadcast that way is unknown — but the special looks to be a true monster story in the vein of Lon Chaney or Bela Lugosi, with all the horror and terror of the classic monsters films we know and love.

It’s no surprise that Werewolf by Night is making his way into the MCU, what with his longtime rival Marc Spector — aka Moon Knight — getting his own wildly successful series at the beginning of this year. Whether Bernal’s special will connect to Oscar Isaac’s role in the MCU is unknown, but it would be a waste not to bring the two together, especially since fans are clamoring for Marc Spector and Steven Grant to make another appearance in the Marvel universe, and soon.

Werewolf by Night will premiere on Disney+ on October 7. Check out the new trailer below:

via Collider

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