‘Aranyak’: Raveena Tandon led Netflix Series Cancelled After One Season!!

In December 2021, the Raveena Tandon starrer Aranyak was released on the OTT streaming platform Netflix. Set in the fictional town of Sironah, in Himachal Pradesh the series followed two morally upright officers, battling their own inner demons, trying to find the person responsible for the alleged rape and murder of a teenage girl. On its release, Aranyak received a highly positive response from both audience and critics alike. However, now Bollywood Hungama has learnt that Netflix India has cancelled the second season of Aranyak.

If what we hear is true, then Netflix has apparently decided to cancel Aranyak season 2 on account of its ROI. Says a source in the know, “OTT platforms have become even more stringent in terms of what content they feature, and Netflix is no stranger to this. This is a conscious effort in driving more content-driven shows and films that will connect with the audience.” Continuing further the source adds, “This isn’t the first show that Netflix has cancelled. Earlier the streaming giant had dropped the second season of the Madhuri Dixit starrer The Fame Game as well. In both cases, apparently, Netflix was not happy with the story, script, as well as the ROI and decided on forgoing development of the second seasons.”

Interestingly, though the show has been cancelled, for now, we are told that the makers of Aranyak have the chance to revisit the content of the second season, and re-develop the same. In such a case, Netflix could re-list and green light the second season. However, as things stand, Aranyak will not be returning with a second season anytime soon.


via Bollywood Hungama

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