‘Halloween Ends’: New TV Spot Sees the Boogeyman Come Home!! Check It Out!!

It’s hard to believe that horror fans are just a little over a month away until the release of Halloween Ends. The marketing for the final film in the Michael Myers and Laurie Strode saga has slowly started its violent killing spree with all signs pointing to Ends being another brutal bloodbath for the series. Now, a new TV spot for the film gives us another tease of the latest Halloween night where “he came home”.

The footage opens up with a new shot of three unknown teens, seemingly up to no good, eerily proclaiming they’re going to “have a good time tonight”. It’s noteworthy to point out that the teen with the glasses looks an awful lot like the character of Bob, Lynda’s boyfriend, from the original Halloween. Bob was infamously killed by Myers when the boogeyman pinned the ill-fated boyfriend against a door with his kitchen knife. This was the same kill where Myers did his iconic head tilt after admiring his work, and also a shot that is replicated in this spot. One of the final moments in this teaser sees Myers pin an unknown woman up against a painting before stabbing her and doing his classic head tilt. Whether this uncanny resemblance means this group of teens are on Myer’s victim list this Halloween remains to be seen, but it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re not long for this blood-soaked finale.

The remainder of the spot gives more glimpses of Myers’ last showdown with Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie. There are other interesting shots of note as well that sees Andi Matichak’s Allyson at a Halloween party, what looks to be the town of Haddonfield rallying together to fight evil once more, and multiple characters in duress, including Allyson who comes face-to-face with Myers again. There’s also a cool shot of Myers lunging his hand towards the camera. Like Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills before it, Ends appears to be another visually stunning and terrifying night. The spot being cut together with the repeatedly chilling line “the Boogeyman is coming” from the original Halloween only adds to this film’s haunting mystery.

Even though October is quickly approaching, there’s still a lot about Ends that remains hazy. We do know that this film takes place four years after Halloween night 2018, Laurie has moved on from Myers, and there’s a babysitter framed for murder that seemingly brings Michael out from the shadows, but that’s about it. This final showdown is over 40 years in the making, so it’s understandable why Universal and the filmmakers want to keep this Halloween night’s scares close to the vest. While this new TV spot only adds more questions than answers, it does a great job of putting us back into the nightmarish world of Halloween. While Kills was divisive among critics, general audiences, and fans alike, the first two parts of David Gordon Green’s legacy trilogy has been a horrific love letter to the entire franchise that were heightened by the brilliant musical mind of John Carpenter. Ends looks to be more of that same killer combo.

Halloween Ends stalks its way to theaters and Peacock on October 14. While horror fans anxiously wait for this scary finale, you can view this new intense TV spot down below.

via Collider

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