‘The Redeem Team’ Trailer Sees Basketball Legends Fight For Gold!! Check It Out!!

Back in 2004, Americans tuning into the Summer Olympics in Athens knew one thing for sure: the gold medal in basketball was already in the bag for team U.S.A. After taking home the gold during the three previous games, it seemed like a no-brainer that the all-star team which consisted of legendary players like Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony would easily crush the competition.

But, it wasn’t to be. In the end, the team came home with bronze, losing to Italy who took silver, and Argentina who earned gold. Vowing to make a comeback, several of the team members returned for the 2008 games in Beijing, China under the nickname, “The Redeem Team.” And, thanks to Netflix, those players are receiving the documentary treatment in a production named after the legendary group of players eponymously titled The Redeem Team.

A trailer released today reveals several members of the comeback squad recounting the months leading up to and during the Athens Olympics. Viewers hear from Wade, Anthony, and LeBron James, who were all out for redemption when it came to the 2008 games. Knowing that they wanted to pull out all the stops, the late, great Kobe Bryant was brought on board in hopes that the athlete’s dynamic personality and team leading skills would bring this crew of “showboat” players together. Leading the pack was legendary coach, Mike Krzyzewski, who helped mold the otherwise standout players into a lean, mean, teammate machine. Featuring interviews from a variety of players and others close with the team, as well as archival footage, the documentary will pull viewers off the sidelines and onto the court.

Along with being two of the main subjects for the project, Wade and James also served as executive producers. Jon Weinbach, who has been behind some of the best sports documentaries of all time including The Last Dance, The Other Dream Team, and The Nagano Tapes: Rewound, Replayed, & Reviewed, served the film as its director.

With the sport of basketball being a centerpiece in scripted television over the past year, The Redeem Team promises to add another title for those looking for their hoop shooting fix. Disney+ subscribers will soon have the chance to see the on-screen adaptation of Kwame Alexander’s book The Crossover which will be narrated by Daveed Diggs, while over the summer, Showtime released a documentary following the rise of several iconic point guards hailing from New York City titled NYC Point Gods. Meanwhile, HBO recently announced that filming for the second season of their dramatized history of the L.A. Lakers’ early glory days, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, was underway.

With the success of similar hoops based projects in recent years, we’re sure The Redeem Team is going to shoot and score for Netflix. You can check out the documentary’s trailer below and catch it on October 7.

via Collider

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