‘The Winchesters’: New Promo Further Teases the ‘Supernatural’ Prequel Series!! Check It Out!!

For those of us who invested a solid chunk of our lives tuning in for season after season of The CW’s long running series, Supernatural, there are few things more comforting than the voice of Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester or Jared Padalecki’s Sam Winchester — except for pie, pie is always more comforting. Recently, The CW’s Twitter wrapped us up in a big ol’ blanket of Dean when they released a short teaser for the upcoming Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters.

Narrated by Ackles’ demon hunting character, the short clip pulled fans into the Winchester history books as the older son explained his mission for the series. Telling audiences that to “get to the truth” about the couple that Supernatural fans know as John and Mary Winchester, Dean will need to “go back to where it all began.” That’s when Dean and the teaser drop viewers back in 1972 when the couple were just meeting one another – unaware of the danger, trouble, and family waiting for them just around the corner.

While we’ve already been treated to an onslaught of posters, teasers, and trailers, counting down the days until the series premieres on October 11, we’re never upset with receiving more. Many members of the main cast are on display in the teaser that features Ackles’ Dean, who will be serving the series as narrator, as well as John Winchester (Drake Rodger), Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), Carlos (Jojo Fleites), and Latika (Nida Khurshid). Not featured in the teaser, but pulling together the ensemble cast will be Bianca Kajlich and Bridget Regan.

Created by Ackles, his wife Daneel Ackles, and Supernatural alum Robbie Thompson, The Winchesters promises to stay true to the original series while introducing a group of new characters to tell the origin story of John Winchester and Mary Campbell. While Mary’s family has been in the demon fighting business for quite some time, John will find himself falling into the trade after returning from Vietnam and hoping to track down the secrets that his own father left behind. It’s really just a show with multiple layers of sons longing for a relationship with their fathers!

For those of us hoping for an Ackles and Padalecki reunion, it seems as though we’ll need to keep holding our breath as Padalecki is incredibly busy with his own CW series, Walker as well as serving as an executive producer on its prequel, Walker: Independence. But, you never know who will show up on the set of The Winchesters with both Misha Collins and Ruth Connell, who played Castiel and Rowena respectively, rumored to be reprising their roles at some point. When it comes to the world of Supernatural, you just don’t know who might hop through a time portal, make a deal with the devil, or be sucked through a computer, making anything and everything incredibly possible.

Check out the new teaser below.


via Collider

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