‘Hocus Pocus 2’: New Clip Sees The Sanderson Sisters Trying to Fly Again!! Check It Out!!

In an all-new clip from Disney‘s Hocus Pocus 2 Winnifred (Bette Midler) is not putting up with her sister’s shenanigans! In the days leading up to the long-awaited sequel’s Disney+ premiere, we’ve been treated with a brief first-look official clip from the movie that shows the Sanderson Sisters acclimating to the world 29 years after they were banished – again. One thing’s for sure, these witchy ladies are going to be running amok, amok, amok once more this Halloween season!

Almost 30 years since we last left off, the Sanderson Sisters, Winnie, Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary (Kathy Najimy) have been summoned, to Salem’s detriment, once more. This time around, three high-school students are tasked with returning the 17th century witches back from whence they came, but the sisters won’t make it easy for them. The official trailer released at D23 showed us a sneak-peek of their past, at the very moment Winnie was gifted Book, and now, in 2022, she’s been reunited with the very source of their powers.

As a spooky season treat, Disney dropped a first-look clip from the movie, and fans are not going to be disappointed. In the aisles of a grocery store, the Sandersons Sisters find themselves without brooms. Just like they did in the original 1993 Hocus Pocus, these witch-crafty ladies won’t let this slip-up deter them from sucking the souls from the children before sunrise. Instead, Winnie locates a broom to enchant, while the adorably dopey Sarah snags a Swiffer and Mary opts for a more high-tech option with a pair of Roombas. It’s also mentioned that the three of them have already been duped, having been made to believe they drank life potions, perhaps by some wily teenagers?

If the clip tells us anything it’s that the sequel won’t be lacking any of the Halloween magic, or hilarity of the first. All three actresses bring their A-game in the reel alone, and it almost feels like the Sandersons Sisters never got turned to dust. Midler falls right back into her cutthroat coven, and Parker and Najimy‘s dynamic is just as spectacular as the first time around.

Hocus Pocus 2 also brings back Doug Jones as Winnie’s ill-fated ex Billy Butcherson, and introduces Whitney Peak, Lilia Buckingham, Belisa Escobedo, Hannah Waddingham, Tony Hale, Sam Richardson, Juju Brener, Froy Gutierrez, Taylor Paige Henderson and Nina Kitchen to the Sanderson’s Salem.

The sequel is directed by Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) with a screenplay written by Jen D’Angelo (Workaholics). Hocus Pocus 2 will cast its spell exclusively on Disney+ on September 30. Check out the clip below:

via Collider

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