Amazon Freevee Sets James Marsden to Lead New Genre-Bending Courtroom Series!!

Rumors have swirled, whispers have echoed regarding a top-secret docu-style courtroom comedy being produced for Amazon Freevee. And Deadline has just confirmed the project’s existence in an exclusive report. The project stars James Marsden and is now in post-production.

“Freevee has confirmed the existence of the docu-style comedy series but details are under wraps amid speculation of the unique, genre-bending format centered around a jury trial,” a rep for Freevee sold Deadline regarding the hush-hush project. Freevee was reticent to share further details regarding the project.

The reason for the secrecy surrounding the series seems to lie in the nature of the show’s format, which is semi-improvised, mixing actors with unsuspecting participants. The series follows a similar format to Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Borat, and Who Is America? So it is not surprising that the series had to be produced almost entirely in secret.

The new upcoming Freevee series will follow Marsden and a group of actors with improv skills as they perform skits around and including unsuspecting civilians who believe that they have been summoned for jury duty. Deadline has reported that the series was filmed in a real courtroom in south Los Angeles. Additional shooting for the series was scheduled around Marsden‘s Westworld schedule.

This is one of many projects in the works for James Marsden. He recently made an appearance at the jam-packed D23 Expo. His appearance was in support of his upcoming Disney+ film Disenchanted, the long-awaited follow-up to the 2007 Disney film Enchanted, in which Marsden played the hapless Prince Edward. Marsden also recently starred in the most recent season of the HBO series Westworld.

Marsden is perhaps best known for his supporting roles. Notable roles throughout his career include a turn as Cyclops in the X-Men films, Corny Collins in the 2007 film Hairspray, as well as a supporting role in The Notebook. But it looks like Marsden will be taking a lead role in the upcoming, and very secretive, project. He is also starring in a film entitled Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, which is set to be released on Netflix. The appetizing project was directed and co-written by Jerry Seinfeld.

No details regarding Marsden‘s upcoming and untitled courtroom comedy project for Freevee have been announced. However, the project is now in post-production, so it won’t be long until you can see Marsden truly show off his improv chops.


via Collider

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