‘Little Big Boy’ Trailer Teases Nick Kroll’s Comedy Special!! Check It Out!!

After a long and successful run both on Netflix and on stand-up comedy shows, it’s surprising that screenwriter and comedian Nick Kroll didn’t have his own Netflix comedy special until now. This course correction is happening, though, as the streamer unveils the trailer for Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy, which premieres later this month and marks Kroll’s debut in the comedy special segment of the catalog.

The special is part of Kroll’s highly popular comedy tour “Middle Aged Boy”, which spread across the U.S., UK, and Australia. The tour sold out in several venues, including Carnegie Hall. Over the years, the comedian and actor found fame by providing his unique and unconventional takes on family and life stages, especially childhood and adolescence.

For the Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy special, however, the stand-up comedian took things one step further and talked about the later stages in life, as the trailer reveals. In the special, Kroll has a lot to say about our relationship with our mothers after we grow up, how fathers are frequently let off the hook, his own parenthood experiences, and being in relationships in your mid-thirties. Oh, and the trick to farting without making noise.

Kroll has been dubbed “the Picasso of puberty,” especially due to his most famous creation: Big Mouth, an animated series that centers around high school kids who have extremely awkward relationships with their bodies developing. The hit series has already been renewed for Seasons 6 and 7 by Netflix. On top of that, Kroll created Human Resources, a spin-off workplace comedy series from the Big Mouth universe that depicts the everyday lives of puberty monsters from the flagship series.

Kroll himself executive produces Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy. The special is directed by two-time Emmy nominee Bill Benz, who has an extensive experience with comedy – he helmed several episodes from At Home with Amy Sedaris, sketch series Portlandia, and other comedy shows.

Netflix premieres Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy on September 27. You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

After performing stand-up for 20 years, Nick Kroll makes his Netflix stand-up special debut with Little Big Boy. Filmed at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC, in a set that is hilarious with an emotional undercurrent, Nick also shows a bit of his vulnerable side as he talks getting his heart broken for the first time at the ripe age of 33, the power of mothers, his journey to fatherhood, the trick to farting without making any noise … and much more.

via Collider

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