‘Notre-Dame’ Trailer Teases the Story of the Famous Cathedral’s Fire!! Check It Out!!

Back in April 2019, before the world could’ve ever imagined that only one year later, we’d be in lock down due to a quickly mutating virus, we were shocked by another major event: a devastating fire at the legendary Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Today, Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming scripted, French language miniseries, Notre-Dame, which will tell multiple angles of the unforgettable story.

The series will take audiences on a journey told through the eyes of several characters living in Paris. A soon-to-be retired fire chief (Roschdy Zem) quickly becomes the face of hope when he returns to his duty just days before he plans to step down from his post, while a firefighter (Megan Northam) who was recently traumatized by the death of her peer is prepared to put her life back on the line to save the cathedral. There’s also a news anchor (Alice Isaaz) who’s been given the story of her life as she covers the ongoing fight to extinguish the fire, and a woman (Marie Zabukovec) who’s facing both the building’s destruction and her bedridden mother’s ever approaching death.

Standing behind the dramatized story of how the iconic cathedral was saved with no lives lost is director Hervé Hadmar with a screenplay he penned alongside Olivier Bocquet. Also set to star in the drama are Caroline Proust, Simon Abkarian, Sandor Funtek, Corentin Fila, Ambroise Sabbagh, Frédéric Chau, Victor Belmondo, and Kassem Al Khoja.

Surprisingly enough, this is one of the few tellings of the devastating fire that left massive roof and wall damage and a collapsed spire in its wake. Earlier this year, the disaster film Notre-Dame on Fire was released, giving audiences a scripted theatrical and IMAX version of the events. The film also received a VR spinoff of the same name in which players had the chance to drop themselves into the chaos and try their hand at extinguishing the fire.

To this day, authorities are uncertain of exactly how the fire broke out, though many believe it may have had something to do with the ongoing restoration construction happening throughout the church – specifically in the spire. While much of the structure was damaged, crews were able to rush out countless pieces of art and ages-old religious artifacts while keeping the flames at bay.

You can check out the trailer for Netflix’s newest French miniseries, Notre-Dame below and head to the streamer to binge the entire story when it drops on October 19.

via Collider

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