‘We Were the Lucky Ones’: Logan Lerman Joins Joey King in Series Adaptation of Holocaust Novel!!

Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman is the latest actor to join the line-up for Hulu‘s We Were The Lucky Ones. The upcoming series is based on the 2017 novel, of the same title, by Georgia Hunter. The eight-episode limited series tells the story of a Jewish family who managed to survive the Holocaust but become tragically separated during World War 2. Desperately trying to survive the ruthlessness of the war, the family clings to the hope of reuniting again.

Lerman, who recently starred in Brad Pitt‘s Bullet Train, is expected to take on the role of 25-year-old Addy. The middle child of his family and an adventurer at heart, he is an engineer who doubles as a successful music composer. The announcement comes after it was confirmed The Act star Joey King will star in the series. Hamilton director Thomas Kail is set to sit at the directorial helm for the project. Whilst Bates Motel producer Erica Lipez is working to adapt the book for screen as well as executive producing.

Crucially, We Were The Lucky Ones author Hunter is taking on the role of co-executive producer for the show. The novel has a deep-rooted link to Hunter’s heritage after she found out that she is a descendant of Holocaust survivors. “I’ll never forget the day, at fifteen-years-old, I learned that I came from a family of Holocaust survivors,” she told Variety. “It was a discovery that changed my life, inspiring a decade-long journey to unearth and record my family’s story.”

She added that when We Were the Lucky Ones landed in Kail’s hands, she knew the project had “found its home”. “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with him, with our incredible showrunner, Erica Lopez, and with the amazing teams at Old 320, 20th and Hulu as we bring the story of my ancestors—and through it, the story of the Holocaust—to the screen.”

Whilst Hulu has kept all other details for the show under wraps, if the series does follow the book’s plot line closely it is likely to showcase the Kurc family’s journey to navigating a path to freedom from war-torn Europe in 1939. A synopsis for the book reads: “Based on an incredible true story that ranges from pre-war Parisian jazz clubs to the desolation of the Siberian gulag, and follows the Kurc family as refugees, prisoners and fighters, We Were the Lucky Ones is a testament to the notion that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit can find a way to survive, and even triumph.”

We Were The Lucky Ones does not yet have a release date.


via Collider

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