‘The Winchesters’: New Teaser Promises an Epic ‘Supernatural’ Story!! Check It Out!!

With a full slate of returning and new shows including Kung Fu, Walker, and Walker: Independence making their way to The CW this fall, fans are counting down the days until October. On par with Walker: Independence for fans’ stroke level will be the October 8 debut of Supernatural prequel series, The Winchesters. As the series premiere approaches, the marketing team has been incredibly busy dropping teasers, images, and trailers giving fans a better idea of what to expect from the demon hunters’ meet cute.

On today’s installment of The Winchesters centered content, we’ve got a new clip for you to feast your eyes on. As action packed as the other bits we’ve seen, this fresh look features a voice-over by Jensen Ackles’ Dean informing viewers that they’ll be transported back to 1972 to discover how his parents met and how the “family business” got off the ground. As one would expect, the rest of the preview is filled with punches, demons, and one-liners before the series’ logo appears at the end.

As Dean kindly explains, The Winchesters will focus on the origin story of the titular family’s matriarch, Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), and patriarch, John Winchester (Drake Rodger). The year is 1972 and John has just returned home after serving his country in the Vietnam War. More than a little lost, the vet sets his sights on uncovering the unspoken truth surrounding why his father abandoned his family when he was a child. Like John, Mary comes from a family with a sordid history. The descendent of a long line of demon hunters, Mary is already well versed in the world of slaying years before John crashes into her life. Together, the duo will join forces on a journey of self discovery that will ultimately end in the creation of their family and the tragedy that follows.

Created by Ackles and his wife Daneel Ackles, The Winchesters will also feature the talents of Jojo Fleites, Bridget Regan, Demetria McKinney, and Bianca Kajlich. While it’s possible that some familiar faces from the Supernatural universe will return to reprise their roles, it’s unclear as to who that could be or when that could happen. With Ackles’ on-screen brother Jared Padalecki, who played Sam in the original series, hard at work with both Walker and its new prequel Walker: Independence, it’s unlikely we’ll see him join the cast anytime soon. Likewise, Misha Collins, who played everyone’s favorite low talking angel Castiel, just began production on his latest CW series, Gotham Knights which is likely going to take up his schedule for the foreseeable future.

While we may not see the return of Sam or Castiel anytime soon, the possibilities for who and what await us in The Winchesters are endless. With so many storylines to choose from, including The Men of Letters, the time traveling disappearance of John’s father, and, of course, the foundation of John and Mary’s relationship, we’re looking forward to seeing what the creative team covers in the first season.

You can check out the latest look below.

via Collider

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