‘The Ring and The Crown’: Disney+ Working on a Series Adaptation!!

The adaptation of best-selling novels is a theme that has been constant in the entertainment industry. In recent times, Disney has been working to offer new and better versions of the novels they adapt and now the studio has yet another project in development. The young adult bestselling fantasy novel, The Ring and The Crown from Melissa de la Cruz is getting a series adaptation at Disney+ per Deadline.

Returning us to a world where magic is very much prevalent, the series is set in an Arthurian world that will see pressure mounted on individuals to pick duty over personal happiness. Heir to the mightiest empire in the world, Princess Marie-Victoria is faced with the conundrum of having to enter into a political marriage with the interests of the empire coming first. The princess’ best friend and the bastard daughter of Merlin, Aelwyn Myrddyn is faced with challenges as she is forced to serve the crown. The Annual London Season is just beginning, and as noble families from across the globe are gathering to flaunt their wealth and magic at lavish parties, behind the scenes, Marie-Victoria, Aelwyn, and others are making moves to secure political power, true love, and their futures.

This will not be the first time de la Cruz has worked with Disney in the past, the author has had another novel, The Isle of the Lost serve as a prequel to Descendants, a Disney Channel original film. Speaking, however, about this new partnership, de la Cruz spoke of excitement at being able to return to working with Disney once again. Here is the statement:

“I am so, so, so excited to partner with Disney once more. The Ring and The Crown is one of my finest novels, it was inspired by my favorite book of all time, Tolstoy’s War and Peace as well as my favorite mythology of all time, the Arthurian legends. I cannot wait to see it brought to life by such a stellar team, studio and streaming service.”

Disney will look to work closely with de la Cruz as production on the series continues as the studio looks to avoid a mistake another bestselling adaptation made a decade ago. Rick Riordan’s novels on the demigods of Olympus got an adaptation from 20th Century in the past which did not include the author. However, it is getting a reboot with Percy Jackson and The Olympians with Riordan as part of the creative process.

The series is written by Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg (Our Kind of People). The team of executive producers includes Harberts, Berg, de la Cruz, Ellen Goldsmith Vein, Jeremy Bell and DJ Goldberg from The Gotham Group and Richard Abate from 3 Arts’. The series adaptation is run by Disney+ from 20th Television, The Gotham Group and 3 Arts Entertainment, along with Disney Branded Television.


via Collider

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