‘Return to Sender’ Trailer Teases the Jamie Lee Curtis-Produced Short About a Terrifying Package Scam!! Check It Out!!

Even though Halloween Ends will be the final showdown for her iconic character Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis will continue to create scares for genre fans — but this time from the producer’s chair. The official trailer for Return to Sender, a short horror film from Curtis’ production company Comet Pictures, debuted today giving us an unsettling look at the project.

The Return to Sender trailer, shared exclusively by Bloody Disgusting, follows a woman who receives a strange package she never ordered in the mail. The scam grows even more eerie when she realizes that someone else is using her account to review these items. Starting with a ski mask and a car alarm, the packages grow increasingly concerning and even personal as the woman becomes haunted by the weird package delivery scam. Co-created and produced by Curtis, the film stars Allison Tolman (Krampus) with Russell Goldman writing and directing.

Over 20 film festivals have accepted Return to Sender so far, and the film is set to premiere online on Alter and Omeleto this November. The short will also play at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX on September 24 and September 26, attached to Quentin Dupieux’s wild comedy feature film Smoking Causes Coughing, before showing at Beyond Fest on October 1 in Los Angeles.

Goldman shared in an interview that Return to Sender’s plot is inspired by the violation he felt upon receiving a very strange package in place of Valentine’s gift.

“I received a notification. The Valentine’s Day gift I ordered for my partner had just arrived at my door. I brought the box inside and opened it, but what I purchased was not inside. Instead, there were two used shin guards— stained, smelling foul— that I threw out of my hands. It sounds irrational, but by bringing this package I ordered into my home, I felt I had violated my own personal space. I kept thinking about who had done this. Why they would even do this?” Goldman said.

Goldman went on to explain Curtis shared that her sister also had an odd experience with a delivery scam, “receiving walking sticks that she didn’t order but she still needed.” The concept became a fixation for Goldman, eating at him until creating Return to Sender, which he described as “a short about our desire for control over our lives.”

Goldman and Curtis are also working on the feature horror film Mother Nature for Comet Pictures and Blumhouse Pictures. The eco-horror tale is still in the works, but the duo also wrote a graphic novel version for Titan Comics, illustrated by artist Karl Stevens.

Watch the Return to Sender trailer below.

via Collider

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