‘Daniel’s Gotta Die’: Bob Saget’s Final Movie to Premiere at Austin Film Festival!!

Bob Saget is remembered as one of the greatest comedians of all time, and he will now get to give audiences one last laugh when his final film, Daniel’s Gotta Die, has its premiere at the upcoming Austin Film Festival.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the festival announced that Daniel’s Gotta Die will be among the features screened at the festival, which will run in Texas’ capital city from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3. The festival will serve as the film’s world premiere, showing off Saget in his final acting role. According to the film’s logline, the comedy will follow the story of Daniel Powell, as “[his] plan to reconnect with his family hits a snag when he discovers they all want to kill him for his inheritance.” The film will star Joel David Moore as Daniel, alongside SagetJason Jones, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Carly Chaikin, Chantel Riley and Iggy Pop. While Saget’s character is named Lawrence, it is unclear exactly what his role in the film will be.

The film was directed by Canadian filmmaker Jeremy LaLonde, known for his 2013 film Sex After Kids. The director said in a statement, “Bob’s passing came as a shock to the entire Daniel’s Gotta Die team. He was a collaborator through and through and he really loved this film. It’s with great sadness that he never got to see it finished. I can’t wait to see how audiences react to his final performance.” The script for the film was penned by Matthew Dressel, and the project was principally produced by Nicholas Tabarrok, Leah Jaunzems and Leah Jaunzems through production companies Darius Films and Productivity Media.

Beyond acting in the film, Saget reportedly took on a significant role in writing the script alongside Dressel. The writer said that the late comedian “took on a very fatherly role right from the start; eager to help out in any way he could,” adding, “He really brought the character’s heart to the surface of the script and was intent on making sure he always got it just right. On set, he always had the script pages in-hand and spoke with me often about making sure the character was as I intended.”

Daniel’s Gotta Die will be the last time that audiences get to see Saget on-screen, after he unexpectedly passed away this past January while on a standup tour. Known as one of the great raunchy comedians of his era, Saget was remembered fondly throughout the entertainment industry after his death. While he was well known as a comedian, he also lent himself to a number of film and television roles, his most famous being as family patriarch Danny Tanner on the classic 1990s sitcom Full House.Saget‘s performance as Tanner helped endear himself to families across the United States who could relate to his everyman struggles, and made Full House one of the most successful shows of the decade. He would return to the role as a recurring character on the 2010s reboot Fuller House, though the series was not nearly as popular as the original show.

The exact festival release date for Daniel’s Gotta Go has not yet been released. The full slate of films set to screen at the Austin Film Festival can be seen here.

via Collider

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