‘Here’: Kelly Reilly Joins Tom Hanks and Robin Wright in Robert Zemeckis’ Latest!!

Over the course of a nearly thirty-year career, Kelly Reilly has only continued to impress in a variety of standout performances, most notably with her turns in Pride and Prejudice (2005), Calvary, Eden Lake, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Me and Orson Welles, and the second season of HBO‘s True Detective, to name only a select few. But it is her portrayal of the spirited Beth Dutton on Paramount Network‘s Yellowstone that has turned the British actress into a household name, and we should only expect more great things to come. Specifically, as it was announced this week, Reilly will join the cast of Here, the latest movie from Robert Zemeckis, which will see Tom Hanks and Robin Wright reunite with the Forrest Gump director for what may prove to be one of the filmmaker’s most ambitious works.

Though the details surrounding Reilly‘s role in this upcoming film remain a mystery, Deadline reports that Here will take audiences on “a breathtaking and revolutionary odyssey through time and memory,” even though it only takes place in one single New England location. Specifically, over the course of many years, one patch of land, which starts as wilderness and later becomes a house, becomes the source of “love, loss, struggle, hope, and legacy,” which will “play out between couples and families over generations.” While it is not certain, one can reasonably assume that Hanks and Wright will play one of these couples, while Reilly may play part of another. Recently, it was announced that Paul Bettany joined the project in an undisclosed part. Perhaps Bettany and Reilly are one such couple in this New England abode? We’ll see.

We’ll learn soon enough. Here is well into pre-production, with Sony Pictures slated to release the film in the United States, while Miramax will handle the international distribution. Based on the graphic novel by Richard McGuire, Here is adapted by Eric Roth, which marks another Forrest Gump reunion, as the Best Picture winner’s screenplay was one of six Oscars that the beloved movie won. The filmmaker also won the Best Director prize, while Hanks walked away with his second Best Actor trophy. Zemeckis will produce Here alongside Jack Rapke of ImageMovers and Bill Block of Miramax, and given the scope and scale of the project, along with the talent involved, it’s easy to see this one becoming another triumph for the innovative, distinctive director. While his last few films haven’t reached his past heights, to say the least, one hopes this is Zemeckis‘ return to form. There’s a great deal of potential with this film.

Certainly, this is a homecoming project in a variety of respects. Along with Zemeckis reuniting with two of his most prolific stars, particularly with the lauded movie-maker recently reteaming with Hanks for the first time since 2000’s Cast Away with this month’s Pinocchio, he’ll also have a chance to reconnect with Reilly. A decade prior, the director cast Reilly for a pivotal part in 2012’s Flight, in what proved to be a breakout role for the actress prior to her time on the Dutton Ranch. Certainly, the director got a great performance from the star in that film. Hopefully, they’ll find that same magic with this new collaboration.

Currently, Reilly is between seasons on Yellowstone, as Season 5 is slated to debut in November. As the competitive Beth Dutton, Reilly brings a ferocity, tenacity, and vengefulness to the role that viewers find constantly gripping, and this upcoming season shouldn’t prove to be an exception in that regard. The actress does great work on screens both big and small, which should hopefully continue with her newly-announced role in Here. Once we hear more details about the film, we’ll keep you posted on the latest.

Here is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

via Collider

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