‘Abominable and the Invisible City’: New Clip Introduces the Mythical Chinese Phoenix, Fenghuang!! Check It Out!!

A new clip for Abominable and The Invisible City, a spinoff series of the 2019’s hit animated movie Abominable, introduces one of the new mythical creatures that will be present in the series, Fenghuang, also known as the Chinese Phoenix, which Collider can exclusively reveal.

In the new clip, Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennet), Jin (voiced by Tenzing Trainor), and Peng (voiced by Ethan Loh) are trying to help a lost bird to spread its wings and fly home. The bird was found hiding in an oven, but no matter what the trio of friends do, it refuses to get out of their roof. That is until its feathers are bathed in sunlight. As it turns out, the bird is a Fenghuang, the Chinese Phoenix, a mythical creature that’s said to be born from the sun itself.

Before the Fenghuang can fly, a cloud blocks the sunlight. While this could mean bad news for the Fenghuang, we soon learn that the cloud is bringing Everest back to Yi’s house.

The whole gang is ecstatic to see Everest again, which means the clip comes from the beginning of the first season of Abominable and The Invisible City. That’s because the series will reunite the whole team to save other mythical creatures lost in China, including the Fenghuang. So, if Everest just reunited with his human friends, the Fenghuang’s discovery is only the beginning of another magical adventure.

The human kids and the Yeti will not be alone in their mission to save mythical creatures, as Abominable and The Invisible City brings back Burnish (voiced by Alan Cumming). The elderly millionaire was the main antagonist of Abominable. By the movie’s end, Burnish understood that no one should capture a Yeti and that those with means and powers should use their resources to preserve nature. Burnish’s change of heart will lead him to support Yi’s new adventures while she uses her magic violin to keep every mythical creature safe.

Abominable and The Invisible City voice cast also includes Michelle WongKaren Huie, and Darin De Paul.

Abominable and The Invisible City comes to Hulu and Peacock on October 5. Check out the new exclusive clip and the series synopsis below.

Abominable and The Invisible City is a comedy adventure series that continues the wild and wooly fun of DreamWorks Animation’s Abominable. Through Everest the yeti, Yi, Jin, and Peng know that there’s a whole magical world out there, and now it’s even closer than they think! When they discover that their surroundings are teeming with magical creatures in need of their help, the kids will set out on extraordinary and heartfelt adventures throughout their city and beyond.

via Collider

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