‘Limitless’ Trailer Sees Chris Hemsworth is Put to the Ultimate Physical Test!! Check It Out!!

Audiences can soon witness Chris Hemsworth push himself to the ultimate limit as a new trailer for National Geographic’s Limitless has been released, which showcases the actor discovering the full potential of the human body. The series will debut on Disney+ on November 16.

The trailer features Hemsworth teaming up with world-renowned experts as he faces six dangerous tests in order to unlock the secrets of longevity. The show will feature six episodes, each focusing on a specific test that the actor must face as these experts assist him in pushing himself to the limit. The trailer effectively showcases the dangerous stunts and heart-racing challenges that Hemsworth will be facing while also offering beautiful natural scenery.

Among the challenges he will face, Hemsworth will team up with Psychologist Modupe Akinola as he attempts to stay calm while walking across a crane through a skyscraper in the episode “Stress-Proof.” In “Shock,” Hemsworth, alongside his brothers Liam and Luke, will attempt to expose themselves to the most extreme freezing temperatures in the arctic to maximize longevity. Dr. Peter Attia will help Hemsworth attempt to avoid eating for four days in the episode “Fasting,” which will give him the drive to hunt for his next meal in the Great Barrier Reef. In an attempt to beef up his muscles, even more, Hemsworth will try the 100 ft rope climb challenge with the help of extreme sports guru Ross Edgley in “Strength.”

In another challenge, Neurologist Dr. Sharon Sha will test Hemsworth’s memory as he is put in the middle of the wilderness without a map or GPS and must survive using only his mind for the episode “Memory.” Lastly, in the episode “Acceptance,” Hemsworth faces his most extreme and emotional challenge as he spends three days in a retirement village wearing an aging suit that will transform simple tasks into one of the most difficult challenges the actor encounters.

Other experts that will help Hemsworth include Dr. BJ Miller, president and counselor at Mettle Health, Alua Arthur, founder of Going with Grace, and Tanya Streeter, a professional freediving expert who teaches Hemsworth how to hold his breath for extended periods. With the actor facing extreme challenges, audiences will likely be on the edge of their seats as they witness Hemsworth pushing himself to the ultimate limit when the series debuts on Disney+ this fall.

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel serve as executive producers of the project through Protozoa alongside Hemsworth and Ben Grayson via Wild State. Jane Root, Arif Nurmohamed, and Ruth Shurman of Nutopia are also attached to the series as executive producers, with Bengt Anderson and Matt Renner of National Geographic.

Limitless will premiere on Disney+ on November 16. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming series below.

via Collider

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