‘Scream Park’ Trailer Teases a VR Horror Series Starring ‘Stranger Things’ Breakout Star Grace Van Die!! Check It Out!!

Blackbox TV released a new trailer for Scream Park, an upcoming VR series led by Stranger Things’ breakout star Grace Van Dien. Besides telling an original horror story, the series doubles down as a 360° VR experience through which the audience will get trapped in a haunted amusement park. The new trailer introduces us to Kelly Q (Van Dien), a lost soul trapped in an abandoned amusement park that was overcome by evil entities. To escape Scream Park, viewers must follow Kelly Q’s instructions and ride on hellish roller coasters to find the exit. But, instead of just watching the series from the comfort of their couches, Scream Park’s audience will actually live the horrors of the macabre setting with their VR headset.

Since the series was developed especially for Meta Quest 2, viewers can turn their heads in any direction while riding the roller coasters, getting unique glimpses of the nightmarish landscape depending on how they interact with Scream Park. It’s a curious concept that stands in the fringe zone between a TV show and a videogame, and with Van Dien attached to the project, Scream Park can offer something unexpected for this Halloween.

While Van Dien already has a long career in acting, she got on everybody’s radar after showing up in Stranger Things 4, the fourth season of Netflix’s most popular TV show. In the series, Van Dien played the role of Chrissy Cunningham, a high school cheerleader who becomes the first victim of Vecna, the series’ big baddie. While Van Dien‘s Stranger Things contribution was short-lived, fans fell in love with her layered portrait of Crissy. Earlier this year, she also became a Twitch streamer. So, Van Dien has experience with big-budget horror series and video games, making her the perfect star for Scream Park.

Scream Park comes from Blackbox TV’s founder Tony E. Valenzuela and creative producer Tru Collins. The series also stars Zach Villa (American Horror Story) and the voice of Monique Coleman (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series), with Steve Zaragoza playing the series’ antagonist, Toby Terrific. Each episode of Scream Park has a runtime of seven minutes. Commenting on the series release, Valenzuela said:

“I’m humbled and very excited to share ‘Scream Park’ with the thrill seekers and horror lovers. It was a labor of love to make, and an unforgettable journey taking it to the main stage on Meta Quest 2. We’ve taken live action and CGI and brought them together in a 360 VR World. With our talented cast and crew, we’re diving deeper into the immersive narrative world, and can’t wait for viewers to join us.”

Scream Park is available now on Meta Quest 2. Check out the trailer and the series’ synopsis below.

Deep within the ruins of an abandoned theme park, Kelly Q is trapped and needs your help. Immerse yourself in this thrill-ride horror show and defy the laws of physics on the most dangerous quest of your life. Welcome to Scream Park.

via Collider

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