‘Titans’ Season 4: New Clip Sees the Team Taking on Mother Mayhem!! Check It Out!!

There were so many exciting announcements for DC fans coming out of New York Comic Con. Arguably the focus for DC at NYCC was Titans which held their Season 4 panel this past Sunday. At the panel the premiere date for the season was announced alongside a new trailer teasing Brother Blood However, there were also two new clips shown during the panel. One of the clips gives fans a new look at Brother Blood’s fellow cult member Mother Mayhem played by Franka Potente.

In the clip we see the Titans suiting up in what appears to be their first encounter with Mayhem. Both Superboy and Raven unsuccessfully use their powers before Nightwing goes in to fight the cult member head-on. The one-on-one fight sees Nightwing’s Escrima Sticks trading blows with Mayhem’s axe. This is until Mayhem freezes the Titans’ leader and flips him in the air. This clip does a great job of showing off Mayhem’s power as she ends the fight acting like she’s a high-powered Sith lord electrocuting the whole team with impressive red lightning.

There’s a lot to be taken away from this clip. Mainly that the Titans are still having trouble acting like a team. Superboy is still trying to be a hot-headed solo act while taking on Mayhem one at a time doesn’t appear to be the best strategy. Nightwing and Starfire still have a lot to teach this young group of heroes with very little time to do so as the Church of Blood is on the rise. Mayhem in the comics was a high-ranking member of Brother Blood’s cult which was a sinister group that worshiped Raven’s evil father Trigon. That’s the kind of horrific power the Titans will be dealing with this season. They obviously lost this fight with Mayhem, but if they want to win the war against her and Brother Blood they’re going to have to work as a team.

Other cool details from this fight scene include seeing a new look at Tim Drake’s signature bow staff. The Titans training him to become the next Robin is probably going to be one of the side stories this season. Also, this clip provides the first look at Beast Boy’s new comic-accurate costume in motion. Titans showed off additional concept art of Beast Boy’s costume at NYCC as well. It’s just great knowing that the character is finally ditching his jacket after three seasons.

Titans has always had great fight scenes, but Season 4 appears to be cranking up the action to a hellish degree. The Church of Blood will undoubtedly be the team’s toughest and scariest challenge to date, so expect a lot of thrilling chaos this season. Titans Season 4 Part 1 premieres November 3 on HBO Max with its first two episodes before releasing a new episode every week until December 1. Part 2 consisting of six more episodes will premiere sometime in 2023. While we wait for Titans return, you can watch the new Mother Mayhem clip down below.

via Collider

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