‘Titans’ Season 4: New Clip Reveals Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor!! Check It Out!!

New York Comic Con may be officially over, but DC fans have a lot to smile about coming out of the weekend. One of the main reasons being that the release date for Titans Season 4 was revealed at their panel. However, that wasn’t the only exciting thing shown off at the event as, along with the first teaser trailer for Season 4, we also got two new clips. The first clip gave fans a new look at Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor.

The clip sees the Titans heading out of Metropolis, most likely going home to their base in San Francisco. However, something goes awry as their high-tech van glitches out and Superboy receives a message from Lex that only he can hear. Lex finally wants to meet him. There’s no context to where this takes place in Season 4, but it’s great that Superboy is getting a chance to face his darker half. Just like in the comics, Superboy was made using both Superman and Lex’s DNA. He has the best qualities of the Man of Steel, but the worst parts of one of DC’s most iconic villains. We have seen hints of Superboy’s dark side in the last two seasons. However, Season 4 looks to face that head on. When teasing the show last month Titans showrunner Greg Walker talked about wanting to shake up all the characters saying:

“What shakes Conner up is an identity story. He’s explored his Superman self, but he has not really explored his Lex self. What does that mean when you do? What happens when you give that self the keys to the car? Does it start driving the wrong way at rush hour, 100 miles an hour?”

In the same interview Walker described Lex as a people person that wants to know “what makes them tick”. Even though Brother Blood is the big bad this season, it’s going to be interesting to see what Welliver brings to the character and how Lex fits into this cult-centric storyline. Lex is always working behind-the-scenes and definitely doesn’t just want to meet Superboy for a nice father son chat.

However, there’s also one minor detail unrelated to Superboy in this clip. At the beginning of the scene Tim Drake asks Superboy to take a picture of him with his bow staff that STAR Labs made him. Tim wants to send it to a “guy at STAR Labs”, which Raven and Beast Boy tease him about. Tim brushes his teammates off, but this clip implies that Tim is bisexual just like he is in the comics. Titans have never shied away from these kinds of storylines or the comics that inspired them. Because of that, it’s nice to see that they will be exploring Tim’s sexuality this season in between all the Brother Blood chaos.

Titans Season 4 Part 1 is premiering on HBO Max on November 3 with its first two episodes before releasing a new episode every week until December 1. The remaining six episodes will be released in Part 2 sometime in 2023. While DC fans anxiously wait for Titans return and Lex Luthor’s introduction, you can watch the new clip down below.

via Collider

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