‘Titans’ Season 4: New Clip Sees Nightwing Taking on Ninjas!! Check It Out!!

The new clip is only 25 seconds long, but shows an impressive fight between Brenton Thwaites’ Nightwing and several ninjas. There is no context to the scene. It’s just Nightwing kicking butt with his signature escrima sticks against some unnamed ninjas who are armed to the teeth with throwing stars. Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake is behind him in street clothes. It appears that Nightwing is training him to be a part of the Titans. Given the way Nightwing humorously acknowledges the ninjas, they weren’t part of their training regiment. In the comics, Tim Drake became the third Robin which is most likely an end goal for Tim this season.

While specific plot details are still under wraps, the main threat this season will be the iconic Church of Blood. This cult is run by the sinister Brother Blood who’s played by Joseph Morgan. Under his devilish wing is Franka Potente’s Mother Mayhem while this season will also feature classic DC villains Jinx and Lex Luthor, played by Lisa Ambalavanar and Titus Welliver respectively. After a Bat-Family centric storyline in Gotham involving Red Hood and Scarecrow last season, the Titans are heading back to San Francisco. During the panel on Sunday we should be expecting more specific story details, a first trailer, and an official release date.

While the first three seasons of Titans have not been very consistent story-wise, one of the best parts of the show has been the fight scenes. This series has had some of the best hand-to-hand combat sequences in TV’s recent memory, particularly when it comes to Nightwing and his acrobatic heavy combat skills. If this new clip is a sign of things to come, Season 4 might be the most action packed yet. With multiple key villains, hopefully, we’ll see more team battles of the Titans fighting together this season as this is something that has been sorely lacking in the series so far. With the Church of Blood on the rise, this could be the darkest season to date given the themes at the heart of Blood’s cult. In the comics the Church of Blood worshiped Raven’s father Trigon who was seen at the end of Season 1.

Titans Season 4 returns this November on HBO Max. The famous DC team’s panel will be held on Sunday, October 9 at 4:15 PM ET. Until then, you can view the Season 4 ninja-themed clip down below. You can also stream the first three seasons of Titans on HBO Max now.

via Collider

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