‘House of the Dragon’: New Featurette Focuses on the Purpose of Viserys’ Last Supper!! Check It Out!!

Tides have turned in Westeros with the latest episode of the House of the Dragon. While the succession of the Driftmark was posed as the bigger question of this episode the drama didn’t start till King Viserys (Paddy Considine) decides to sit on the Iron Throne for one last time. It was truly heart-wrenching to watch him embrace his death and make efforts to unite the house of the dragon till his last breath. In a new featurette, the cast and showrunners discuss Viserys’ last supper and Vemond’s motivation behind challenging Luke’s claim to Driftmark throne.

Co-showrunner, Ryan Condal explains that it’s within Alicent motivation to want Lucerys to be deposed because it disempowers Rhaenyra’s side of the family. “And to give Vaemond power, because if he takes power, then he owes the greens. And the Velaryon fleet will all go with them.” Miguel Sapochnik describes Vaemond as one of those guys “who’s not particularly likeable, but he always tells the truth.” He’s almost unable to help himself or stop himself and for that reason, “he’s never really got very far in life.” What Vaemond doesn’t realize is that though with his motivations he also walks right into the midst of the contentious issue of Rhaenyra’s children’s parentage. “Because he’s kind of a do-right guy, and wants to always tell the truth, he misses just how strongly and heavily everybody feels about this,” Sapochnik explains.

Wil Johnson who portrayed Vaemond, explains the situation as the “pink elephant in the room,” he openly calls out the Velaryon lineage of Rhaenyra’s children, and this is something he’s been holding onto for years. “They’re white, they’ve got brown hair, very obvious. And everyone knows it. But Vaemond is the person who will talk about it, and who will speak out about it,” Johnson said. So, when the petition goes completely sideways for him, he knows he’s gonna fall on his sword. But he wants to fall on “my sword my way, and my way is to tell the absolute truth.”

Emma D’Arcy explains that the whole episode is essentially “sitting by the bedside of a loved one who’s dying.” Sapochnik dubs the event as Viserys’ “Last Supper, it’s Viserys last stand. It’s the father-daughter story finding some sort of resolution and closure.” One of the issues with Viserys’ leadership throughout the series is the refusal to step up and intervene. “To speak with clarity and lay down the law,” D’Arcy explains, adding, “For the first time, certainly in Rhaenyra’s life, she really watches him do it. He stands by the family, both sides of the family in this final dinner.”

Director Geeta Patel did a fantastic job of making viewers aware of how frail the King’s condition is, in an expected moment he takes off his mask and his face speaks for itself. Considine thinks of the moment as if he’s showing all this corruption and all this fighting, this is what it does, saying, “This is the effect of all of this on me. Why can’t we just love each other? Why can’t we just make this work?” Adding, “his only purpose is to try his best to put the house right before he dies. Which he feels like he does until he doesn’t.” However, as soon as he leaves the room, the younger generation forgets everything and goes at each other again.

Viserys’ condition leads to this final moment where his final message is unclear. Condal tells, “He’s very ill, he was in a lot of pain, they put him on medication. And he wakes up in that middle of the night, trying to have this unfinished conversation that he had with Rhaenyra, not realizing that the woman sitting at his side is Alicent.” The Queen’s misunderstanding though will now lead to the widening of the gap between the Greens and the Blacks as she now believes Viserys wanted his son Aegon to sit on the Throne. Sapochnik sums it up as, “Don’t take milk of the poppy and then impart really important information just before you die. That’s the learning curve on that one.” Though Considine thinks that in his final moments “he’s done all he can, and he’s put his house right. He did his best.”

New episodes of House of the Dragon air every Sunday meanwhile you can check out the new featurette below:

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