‘Slow Horses’ Season 2 Trailer Teases a Cold War Mystery!! Check It Out!!

Apple TV+ has revealed a new trailer for Season 2 of Slow Horses, a drama series starring Gary Oldman as the unwilling leader of a group of disgraced spies. The series adapts the best-selling novels by author Mick Herron, and Season 2 is set to tell the story of the second book in the collection, Dead Lions.

The new trailer brings back Jackson Lamb (Oldman) and the spies of Slough House, an espionage department where MI5 puts all the agents who disgraced themselves for whatever reason. Jackson is more than happy to keep his team doing a tedious desk job for the rest of their lives, but trouble has a way of finding the Sough House. For Season 2, a group of Russian sleeper agents infiltrating British society has been woken up, bringing back horrors only known during the Cold War. So, to prevent a cataclysmic event, the Slough House spies will have to use their low profile to investigate a crime that the MI5 has trouble solving.

The trailer also reveals Season 2 will deal with high treason, as the crime the Slow Horses are investigating is related to agents inside MI5. So, once again, the disgraceful spies are ready to save the day, hoping to gain back the trust of their peers and prove that they are worthy members of the MI5.

Slow Horses’ cast includes Academy Award nominee Kristin Scott Thomas, BAFTA Scotland Award winner Jack LowdenSaskia ReevesRosalind EleazarChristopher ChungFreddie FoxChris ReillySamuel WestSophie OkonedoAimee-Ffion EdwardsKadiff Kirwan, and Academy Award nominee Jonathan Pryce.

The first season of Slow Horses was released earlier this year. However, since director James Hawes shot Season 2 in its entirety before the first season was released, we are being treated with two seasons in 2022. The series production process should keep the momentum going forwards, as Slow Horses was renewed up to Season 4.

The first two episodes of Slow Horses Season 2 will come to Apple TV+ on Friday, December 2. After that, new episodes follow weekly, every Friday, until the season finale on December 30. Check out the trailer and synopsis for Season 2 of Slow Horses below.

In season two, long-buried Cold War secrets emerge which threaten to bring carnage to the streets of London. When a liaison with Russian villains takes a fatal turn, our hapless heroes must overcome their individual failings and raise their spy game in a race to prevent a catastrophic incident.

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One response to “‘Slow Horses’ Season 2 Trailer Teases a Cold War Mystery!! Check It Out!!

  1. On 22 July 2022 Mick Herron’s sardonic spy thriller series called Slough House deservedly won him the Theakston Old Peculier crime novel of the year award. If Jackson Lamb had won it he’d have had a huge hangover this morning but let’s not dwell on what that might have sounded or smelt like.

    Both Mick Herron’s Slough House series and Bill Fairclough’s Burlington Files series of espionage thrillers were initially rejected by risk averse publishers who probably didn’t think espionage existed unless it was fictional and created by Ian Fleming or David Cornwell. It is therefore a genuine pleasure to see an anti-Bond anti-establishment novelist achieving immortality in Masham. Let’s hope Beyond Enkription, the first stand-alone fact based spy thriller in The Burlington Files series, follow in the Slow Horses’ hoof prints!

    Do look up the authors or books mentioned on Amazon, Google The Burlington Files or visit https://theburlingtonfiles.org and http://bit.ly/BillFairclough-WTBio and read Beyond Enkription.


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