‘Welcome to Chippendales’ Trailer Sees Mayhem and Murder!! Check It Out!!

Hulu unveiled the full trailer for its upcoming miniseries Welcome to Chippendales which will close out the year with a tale of one man’s pursuit of the American dream gone horribly wrong. That man is Somen “Steve” Banerjee (Kumail Nanjiani), the mogul behind the titular male strip club who rose to fame with his revolutionary adult business venture only to tank it all with shady practices behind the scenes involving not just money, but murder. The trailer gives a look at how he went from merely a man with a failing dance club and a dream to a recognizable and ruthless businessman who would stop at nothing to see his exotic dance club remain on top.

Our first look at Banerjee in the new footage sees him stocking shelves, dreaming of a life of “sheer opulence.” So much does he want the high life that he turns down a job to become general manager of his convenience store just so he can pursue true fortune with his own business. Upon seeing a male stripping routine and how much the women loved it, he found his hole in the market to slot into. From there, everything comes together as he comes up with a name, meets a partner and choreographer in Nick De Noia (Murray Bartlett), and finds the iconic cuff and collar look. Chippendales are everywhere and Banerjee has plans of conquering the world through the power of male stripping, so long as he does not blow it.

Despite everything going incredibly well, tension bubbled under the surface. The corrupt Banerjee’s true colors show as he goes to war with the vicious De Noia for control of the company. His need to be the head of the operation and the king of the male stripping world takes over as he’ll do whatever shady deal is necessary to keep Chippendales on top. Bartlett teases “blood will spill,” as the reign of Chippendales takes a dark turn with murder, arson, and more on the table as the FBI closes in on Banerjee. The crux of the series, and the trailer, is summed up succinctly in its closing line – “You’re a bad man, Mr. Banerjee.”

Aside from creating and serving as co-showrunner, Siegel joins Nanjiani as an executive producer alongside his co-showrunner Jenni KonnerDylan Sellers, series director Matt ShakmanEmily V. GordonNora Silver, and Rajiv Joseph who shared writing duties with Mehar Sethi. Others aboard the production crew include Jacqui Rivera as a co-executive producer and Annie Wyman as a co-producer.

Welcome to Chippendales is less than a month off now with Hulu set to premiere the series on November 22. Check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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