‘Titans’ Season 4 Trailer Sees Lex Luthor and the Church of Blood Teaming Up!! Check It Out!!

The Fall streaming season is jam packed with a ton of fan-favorite series returning. On the comic book side of things, DC’s Titans is premiering its fourth season on HBO Max on November 3. There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the series’ heroic return ever since its New York Comic Con Panel earlier this month. Season 4 is set to tackle the Church of Blood and, with only a few weeks to go until the premiere, fans now have their first official trailer for the darker threat that lies ahead.

This new thrilling trailer gives us a lot of compelling context for this season’s plot. The Church of Blood and Brother Blood are the main focus this season, but the series is also introducing iconic DC villains Jinx and Lex Luthor. Until now, we really didn’t know how these three threats would all connect. The trailer shows that Lex (Titus Welliver) has a new-found interest in the occult, specifically the Church of Blood. This leads Nightwing and the Titans to reluctantly team up with Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) to help fight off their magical foe. The footage also sees Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) seemingly corrupting Sebastian Blood aka Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan).

The Titans have faced many powerful foes in the past like Deathstroke and Red Hood, but it looks like this season will be their toughest challenge yet. Given Church of Blood’s dark comic history, this season isn’t wasting any time with its blood-soaked horror imagery. Throughout the trailer we see Blood’s influence growing. Raven’s visions in the trailer also tease a much bleaker story focused on the supernatural. It also hints that the Titans will be facing their past demons as a result of Blood’s cult coming to Metropolis. In particular, a mysterious sword-wielding figure who looks a lot like Deathstroke shows up in the new footage. This famous Titans’ foe was the main villain of Season 2, and he died in that season’s finale. While the fans were led to assume that brother blood himself was the main big bad this season, as his cult has had a heavy involvement in the marketing material, this trailer leads us to believe that Blood is a tragic puppet to Lex’s bigger scheme of trying to become a god.

The Church of Blood in the comics worshiped Raven’s evil father Trigon; it remains to be seen if Trigon, who appeared in Season 1, will be brought back for the new season. Whatever the case may be, this trailer sets up the horror-centric cult plot efficiently and with substantial intrigue. It will also be exciting to see Welliver’s take on Lex and how Superboy, his half-clone, will fit into his evil plot.

The Titans are about to go to war with the Church of Blood and Metropolis will be the battleground. Season 4 stars Brenton ThwaitesAnna DiopTeagan CroftRyan PotterJoshua Orpin, Potente, and Morgan. Ambalavanar and Jay Lycurgo will also be in recurring roles. Season 4 will premiere on HBO Max Thursday, November 3 with its first two episodes. This will be followed by singular weekly episodes until December 1. The season will finish with six more episodes premiering sometime in 2023. While we wait for Titans to return, you can watch the eerie new trailer and read the plot synopsis for the season down below.

Having saved Gotham, the Titans hit the road to head back to San Francisco. But after a stop in Metropolis, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a supernatural cult with powers unlike anything they’ve faced before.

via Collider

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