‘The Menu’: New Video Sees Ralph Fiennes’ Chef Cook Up Some Secret Ingredients!! Check It Out!!

Audiences eager to sit down at the table and feast their eyes on the upcoming Searchlight Pictures film, The Menu, have had their fair share of courses when it comes to trailers, posters, and images. In the latest clip shared to the feature’s Instagram account, screams of “Yes chef!” can be heard alongside screams of…well, terror.

In particular, the clip focuses on two of the prime players, Anya Taylor-Joy’s Margot and Ralph Fiennes’ world renowned Chef Slowik. While dishes are being prepared by an enthusiastic set of line cooks, eager to please not only those dining, but also their chef, moments of horrific terror are spliced in. Mixed with the culinary madness, we see a guest placing their finger on the chopping block and moments of Margot absolutely booking it through a darkly wooded forest. At the center of it all is Chef Slowik’s terrifyingly empty shark-like eyes staring down staff members and diners alike.

The Menu will follow a couple, Margot and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), who travel a large distance to take part in a number of delicacies prepared by their celebrity chef host at his critically acclaimed establishment, Hawthorne. A self-proclaimed foodie with a massive food based social media following, Tyler is much more into the scrumptious delights that await them as opposed to Margot, who’s just along for the ride. Joining a group of other lavish food lovers, the two set out for what they’re expecting to be an enjoyable meal packed with the most hard-to-find ingredients. Unfortunately for those holding reservations at Hawthorne, they’ll soon find out that they’re biting off more than they can chew when the mysteries of secret ingredients take a deadly twist.

The leading trio will be joined by a giant cast of larger-than-life Hollywood names including Judith Light, Janet McTeer, Hong Chau, Rob Lang, Mark St. Cyr, Arturo Castro, Reed Birney, and Paul Adelstein. Succession director and executive producer Mark Mylod serves the production as director, working off a screenplay written by Seth Reiss and fellow Succession teammate, Will Tracy. Adam McKay, Betsy Koch, and Will Ferrell will produce via Hyperobject Industries and Gary Sanchez Productions. Searchlight serves as the film’s distributor.

With The Menu’s premiere date of November 18 less than one month away, both we and the teaser urge you to make your reservations for the culinary horror as tickets are on sale now. Check out the clip below, and keep scrolling for the film’s trailer.

via Collider

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