‘Miracle Workers: End Times’ Teaser Sees Daniel Radcliffe Usher in the Apocalypse!! Check It Out!!

Next year the end is nigh, but this is one apocalypse we’ll welcome. On January 16, TBS‘ anthology comedy series Miracle Workers returns to TV screens, and the theme and first teaser have been released! The new season will be titled Miracle Workers: End Times and will bring viewers to the end of days.

For the past few days, the show’s Twitter account has offered teasing glimpses at the new season. Everything comes together in the most comprehensive teaser for Season 4 yet. In it, Daniel Radcliffe dramatically sets the scene as his character (still unnamed) takes in the desolate landscape before him. Meanwhile, flashes throughout offer a Mad Max-esque look at the potential events. His woeful bubble is popped when Geraldine Viswanathan points out the actual reason for the melodrama.

The 30-second-long teaser also reiterates that the forthcoming season will lean fully into its leather/punk aesthetic. It showcases a majority of the cast sporting similar outfits, with Steve Buscemi donning a suit that potentially marks him as the man in charge. It also teases that Karan Soni will, at some point, be an antagonistic character. If the teaser is any indication — and based on some of the other wild shenanigans that have popped up throughout the show’s run thus far — viewers can expect a wild and delightful ride from Season 4.

Miracle Workers initially premiered in 2019, with a storyline ada[ted from the Simon Rich novel of the same name. Set in the offices of Heaven, it followed two low-level angels who rushed to prevent God from destroying the Earth by performing their most ambitious miracle yet: making two humans fall in love. Season 2 brought the cast to the Dark Ages, as a prince named Chauncley struggled to meet his father’s expectations, and a woman named Allie tried to create a better future for herself. The most recent third season saw the gang traverse the Oregon Trail, facing everything from moral struggles, to various new and rocky relationships, outlaws, and more.

Miracle Workers: End Times premieres on Monday, January 16 on TBS. Catch up with Seasons 1-3 now on HBO Max, and check out the Season 4 teaser along with one of Radcliffe‘s best performances from Season 3 down:

via Collider

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