‘The Santa Clauses’ Trailer Sees Tim Allen Back in the Classic Red Suit!! Check It Out!!

For the first time in 16 years, Scott Calvin is back! Disney has revealed the first full trailer for the upcoming series, The Santa Clauses, which is a direct continuation of the Santa Clause trilogy that was such a huge success for the House of Mouse in the 1990s and 2000s.

The show sees original cast members Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell and David Krumholtz return to the franchise. Alongside them are newcomers Elizabeth Allen-Dick (Allen’s daughter on and off-screen), Devin Bright, Austin Kane, Matilda Lawler, Rupali Redd and Kal Penn. The Santa Clause franchise was highly popular, well received generally, and a huge financial hit for Disney with the three films returning almost $500 million at the box office. In addition, the films have become a holiday staple across the world, regularly playing on television during the holiday season.

The trailer depicts Allen‘s Calvin having difficulty maintaining Christmas magic, with the generation of children he served as Santa growing up to lose their faith in what makes the Christmas season special. As a result, he comes to the conclusion that he must hang up the big red coat and head off to retirement with his wife, Carol (Mitchell). As Scott and Carol return to suburban life to spend Christmas together as a family, Scott struggles to let go of his past, as old habits die hard for a man who was Santa Claus for nearly thirty years.

But when the new Santa begins to destroy Christmas, Scott must return to the North Pole to save the elves who are disappearing with the help of Bernard (Krumholtz), who was his closest friend at the North Pole from the very start. Speaking with People, Allen said that returning to the role was ‘like seeing family again’ after so much time. “It’s almost as if time had stood still other than my age,” he said. “I look younger now in the Santa makeup than I do out of it. The advice I gave to my daughter Elizabeth is that the writers, producers and crew have the most important roles on a production,” he recalls. “Being an actor is a wonderful craft but we are just a part of a teamwork experience.”

The limited series was announced as a legacy sequel in January 2022, and began filming in March before concluding swiftly in June. The show is being executive produced by Jack Burditt (30 Rock, Modern Family, Frasier, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Allen, alongside Kevin Hench, Richard Baker, Jason Winer and Jon Radler.

The first two episodes of the six-episode series will premiere Wednesday, November 16, exclusively on Disney+. You can catch the trailer for The Santa Clauses down below:

via Collider

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