‘Titans’ Season 4: New Clip Teases Brother Blood’s Transformation!! Check It Out!!

The Fall television season is kicking into high gear. One of the most highly anticipated returning shows is DC’s Titans which is coming back to HBO Max for its fourth season on November 3. Now, with less than a week until Season 4’s premiere, Titans has dropped a new teaser focused on this season’s main villain Sebastian Blood (Brother Blood) played by Joseph Morgan.

The new footage sees Sebastian practicing a “speech” alone in what appears to be a lab of some kind. He tells the audience that he wants to change the world and that he has invented something that could give people hours of “happiness and contentment”. While Blood might have the best intentions, the imagery throughout this teaser says otherwise. There are tones of creepy, horror genre-like shots, that hint that Blood might be losing a grip on reality. Giving off Dr. Frankenstein “mad scientist” vibes, and it seems that whatever he invented is changing him for the worse. There are tons of striking shots of Blood being literally covered in blood, Blood pouring out of his coffee cup, and Blood disturbingly smiling back at himself in the mirror. For anyone who loves the horror genre, Titans looks to be going head-first into transformation and cult horror this season.

In the comics Brother Blood ran the Church of Blood which was a cult that worshiped Raven’s demon father Trigon. Titans this season will be adapting a version of that classic storyline which will involve the likes of Mother Mayhem, Lex Luthor, and Jinx. However, Blood this time around doesn’t just appear to be a straight one-note cult leader. His evil and influence come from a very good place of trying to help humanity. That alone will only make this particular version of Blood that much more tragic. In previous trailers, we have seen characters like Mother Mayhem take advantage of his “Possessed” condition. Similarly to other iconic DC villains like Man-Bat or Mister Freeze, Titan’s Brother Blood will be exploring a corrupted scientist who succumbs to the horrors of his work.

Brother Blood and the Church of Blood contribute to one of the Teen Titans’ most iconic and darkest storylines in their long comic book history. Shows like the critically acclaimed Teen Titans animated series have tackled the villain so masterfully in the past, but it is going to be exciting to see how an adult-rated series like Titans will handle the material. At the very least, they’re already taking full advantage of the blood-soaked imagery.

Titans Season 4 Part 1 will have its two-episode premiere on Thursday, November 3. The show will debut new episodes weekly until December 1. Part 2 of Season 4 will premiere sometime in early 2023. While we wait for Titans’ return, you can watch the new Brother Blood-centric teaser down below. You can also stream the first three seasons of Titans on HBO Max now.

via Collider

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