‘The वरGIN Tree’: Sunny Singh, Mouni Roy, Palak Tiwari to Star in Sanjay Dutt Produced Horror Comedy!!

Besides being an ace superstar, Sanjay Dutt is keen to carve his name as a prolific producer. A year ago, Dutt set up his production company – Three Dimension Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd which will bankroll feature films and other content. Now, one hears that along with producer Deepak Mukut’s Soham Rockstar Entertainment, the star is steering his company into the first venture. The duo has come together for their next titled The वरGIN Tree. The film is a horror comedy with an ensemble which includes Sunny Singh, Mouni Roy, Palak Tiwari, Aasif Khan and also the launch vehicle for debutant Nikunj Lotia, known as Be YouNick. It is directed by Sidhaant Sachdev and written by Vanuksh Arora & Sidhaant Sachdev.

Talking about the film, Sanjay Dutt says, “I am pleased to back the film which was exactly the script I was looking for. The film is the perfect blend of comedy and horror, with the right balance of chills and thrills. I am so glad to have found a production partner, in Deepak Mukut whose cinematic vision and ideals align with mine. I always wanted to encourage young fresh talent in the industry and with this film, we launch a new director with a brilliant fresh vision. He has put together an eclectic cast and I wish them the best time and a glorious shoot ahead.”

Deepak Mukut says, “Sanjay Dutt is a cinema legacy. In him, I have found someone who aligns with me my own creative vision. The वरGIN TREE is a movie that I truly believe has all the elements of being an out-and-out entertainer. Its rib-tickling humour coupled with chills is such a perfect script. My association with Mr Dutt makes this an even more special experience. I can’t wait for everyone to watch the film we have envisioned. It’s a cracker of a story that ensures the audience has a great time at the movies.”

Director Sidhaant Sachdev says, “This is a dream opportunity for me. I am so grateful to Sanjay Sir for putting his faith in me and to Deepak Mukut Sir for backing my vision. The shoot of your first film is something everyone remembers with great fondness. I have a wonderful cast and I am gonna be eternally grateful for the warmth, love and opportunity that’s come my way.”

The वरGIN Tree, A Soham Rockstar Entertainment & Three Dimension Motion Pictures production, produced by Deepak Mukut & Sanjay Dutt, directed by Sidhaant Sachdev, co-produced by Hunar Mukut. It’s a Soham Rockstar Entertainment.


via Bollywood Hungama

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