‘Father Stu’ to Return to Theaters with a New PG-13 Version!!

Hallelujah! Sony Pictures has announced the date for the return of Father Stu to theaters. This time around, however, the Mark Wahlberg biopic is a changed film, having been cut down from an R rating to PG-13 for the re-release. The new cut, appropriately titled Father Stu: Reborn will premiere exclusively in theaters on December 9 and a new teaser sets up the return of the world’s most unlikely priest in time for the Christmas holiday.

Set to the tune of Johnny Cash‘s “The Man Comes Around,” the teaser centers on Stuart Long’s (Wahlberg) decision to reform his life and become a priest. It focuses on some of the more wholesome moments of the film both to emphasize the cut down to PG-13 and to show it off as the perfect uplifting story for the holidays. The film tells the heartwarming true story of Long, an amateur boxer coming from a troubled home who tries to make it as an actor. When that falls through, and he ends up in a horrible accident, he instead turns to faith and resolves to become a Catholic Priest, much to the chagrin of everyone around him. Through his priesthood, he found a deeper connection with his community and inspired those around him until his battle with inclusion body myositis caught up with him.

Father Stu was a bit of a passion project for Wahlberg, who was moved by the story of Long. He announced that work had begun on the biopic back in 2016 with David O. Russell originally attached as the director. To prepare for the role, Wahlberg even packed on 30 pounds within six weeks in a process that he said “really took a toll” on him. Eventually, Rosalind Ross took over in her directorial debut after Wahlberg was so impressed with her work on the script. That proved to be a worthwhile decision as the film resonated with audiences despite the poor reviews from critics, culminating in a 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Alongside Wahlberg as its titular wayward priest, Father Stu also features a solid supporting cast including Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver, and Teresa Ruiz. Wahlberg also took on production duties with Stephen Levinson and Jordon Foss while Ross executive produced with Miky Lee, Colleen Camp, Patrick Peach, and Tony Grazia.

Father Stu rises again in PG-13 in theaters on December 9. The film will get its second chance at the perfect time with no major releases on that weekend to drown it out. Check out the new trailer below.

via Collider

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