‘Polite Society’: Nida Manzoor’s Wedding Heist Comedy Sets April 7, 2023 as Release Date!!

Sisterly affection will reach whole new heights when Polite Society, from writer and director Nida Manzoor, hits theaters on April 28, 2023, or on April 7, 2023 for audiences in the UK. The film marks the feature debut for Manzoor, whose directorial work can be seen in the British sitcom We Are Lady Parts.

Described as an action comedy, Polite Society stars Priya Kansara (Bridgerton), Ritu Arya (Red Notice), Shobu Kapoor (We Are Lady Parts), Ella Bruccoleri (Call The Midwife), Seraphina Ben (Top Boy), Jeff Mirza (We Are Lady Parts), Akshay Khanna (Chloe), Nimra Bucha (Ms. Marvel), and Shona Babayemi.

According to the official synopsis, Polite Society is:

“[a] merry mash-up of sisterly affection, parental disappointment and bold action.” It follows the story of martial artist-in-training Ria Khan, who believes she must save her older sister Lena from her impending marriage. Ria struggles to watch her big sister drop out of art school and give up on her dreams for her marriage, and decides she must take action. Ria seeks the help of her friends, and attempts to pull off the most ambitious and absurd wedding heist, in the name of “independence and sisterhood.”

Nida Manzoor is an emerging director, who is best known for directing two episodes of Doctor Who and for her award-winning TV show We Are Lady Parts, which won the 2021 Rose d’Or Emerging Talent Award. Manzoor was born in Singapore and grew up in a Pakistani Muslim family. She later moved to London, and graduated from the University College London with a degree in politics, before she started to pursue a career in filmmaking. She wrote the pilot for We Are Lady Parts in 2018 before it proceeded to a full series in 2021.

We Are Lady Parts follows Amina Hussein, a geeky biochemical Ph.D. student who becomes the unlikely lead guitarist of an all-female Muslim punk band called “Lady Parts.” Amina then tries to find her voice and identity as she becomes torn between her artistic and free-spirited band mates, and her straight-laced university friends. Manzoor described We Are Lady Parts to be semi-autobiographical, as she described music to be her “first passion” in an interview with Digital Spy:

“Music was my first passion. I wanted to be a brown girl Bob Dylan before I wanted to do screenwriting. So I can still live my kind of songwriter dream in the show as well [laughs].”

Polite Society is produced by Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner, Parkville PicturesOlivier Kaempfer, and John Pocock. Focus Features will distribute the film domestically, and Universal Pictures will distribute it internationally.



via Collider


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