‘The Menu’: New Clip Teases Sinister Intentions!! Check It Out!!

Searchlight Pictures continues to release tantalizing appetizers for its upcoming dark comedy horror film The Menu. With the film now just weeks away from release, the studio has provided moviegoers with a new clip of the film, showing off the sinister intentions of an upscale restaurant.

The Menu features an impressive ensemble cast, and the plot follows young couple Margot and Tyler (Anya-Taylor Joy and Nicholas Hoult) as they venture to Hawthorne, an exclusive island restaurant led by the mysterious head chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). While Tyler is a massive foodie, Margot seems to be decisively bored by the entire ordeal. However, as the logline from Searchlight notes, an evening that simply begins as a lavish meal quickly devolves into a dangerous adventure, with Slowik preparing “some shocking surprises” for Margot, Tyler, and a slew of other high-profile guests.

The clip shows off two more of Hawthorne’s guests, Anne (Judith Light) and Richard (Reed Birney), whom the production describes as “an older wealthy couple and repeat clients.” During the clip, Anne and Richard are seen sparring with Elsa (Hong Chau), who serves as the restaurant’s front-of-house chief. As the clip starts, it appears that something has gone wrong with the meal, as Richard repeatedly tells Elsa, “We’re leaving, we’re leaving!” However, it soon becomes clear that Elsa has no intention of letting the couple leave, informing them that there is no boat to leave the island. When Richard tells his wife that he will handle the situation, Elsa appears to threaten him once again, ominously asking him, “With which hand will you handle this?”

One of a number of promotional shorts that have been released by Searchlight, the clip offers an in-depth look at some of the antics that will likely be seen on-screen at Hawthorne. Beyond the aforementioned A-listers, the film’s star-studded cast also includes notable names such as Janet McTeer, Rob Yang, Aimee Carrero, John Leguizamo, Mark St. Cyr, and Paul Adelstein. While not all of the cast’s parts have been fleshed out, it is known that the majority of them will be playing additional guests at the restaurant, with Carerro and Leguizamo appearing, based on similar promotional videos, to have significant roles.

The Menu was directed by Mark Mylod, known for his role as an executive producer and director on the HBO smash-hit drama Succession. The project is the first feature film Mylod has directed since 2011’s What’s Your Number? The script was the brainchild of Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, the latter of whom also worked with Mylod as a writer on Succession. The Menu was produced by Adam McKay, Betsy Koch, and Will Ferrell through the trio’s production companies Hyperobject Industries and Gary Sanchez Productions. Searchlight is handling the project’s international distribution.

The Menu will be released in theaters on November 18. The new clip from the film can be seen below:

via Collider

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