‘Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’ Trailer Teases the New Netflix Special!! Check It Out!!

Fans of the Boss Baby rejoice for Netflix has a special Christmas present wrapped and ready to be delivered just in time for the holiday season. The streamer is treating lovers of the suit and tie-wearing antihero to a special Christmas feature that will set its titular character in the much-loved holiday season for the first time in the franchise’s history. Netflix has offered a first glimpse at the special in a new trailer that unsurprisingly shows Boss Baby being his usual crusty self.

The Templeton family, except Boss Baby, is all pumped about Christmas and all the fun the gleeful season holds. Boss Baby is apparently nonchalant and can’t seem to grasp what all the fuss is about. However, his loving brother is determined to him get him into the holiday spirits, and to accomplish this, he takes Boss Baby to a mall where he would meet Santa, but it all turns awry when Boss Baby is mistaken for an elf and is consequently magically transported to the North Pole. As the trailer reveals, your favorite baby decides to make lemonade out of his lemons by going full boss mode and taking over leadership of the toy manufacturing business in the Pole.

The minute-long clip opens with Boss Baby seated all strapped up in the back seat of his parent’s car but while he’s dressed in Christmas colors, he’s obviously irritated by the idea of visiting the mall to meet with Santa. He expresses disgust at the idea of taking photos with Santa by throwing away his elf winter cap. Even upon the family’s arrival at the mall, Boss Baby remains adamantly anti-Christmas and is seen being dragged by his ankle into the mall by his older brother. Tim finally gets his baby brother to sit on Santa’s lap, but that doesn’t seem to change anything. Santa and Boss Baby seemingly go way back as both immediately recognize each other to Tim’s surprise. Their history, it seems, bears an unpleasant memory for Boss Baby but bearded Kris Kringle seemed to have moved past whatever it was as he tickles his tiny guest to force a smile for pictures.

More drama unfolds as Boss Baby is transported to the North Pole after he accidentally trips into a mail bag at the mall. He immediately wants out and Santa reveals the only way is for him to “learn a thing or two about the Christmas spirit.” Boss Baby grudgingly agrees but only because he wants to return to his family, however, as he swings into boss mode and takes the lead at the toy manufacturing business, he catches the Christmas fever and joyfully exclaims “Let’s Christmas!” at the end of the trailer.

JP Karliak is back to reprise the titular role. Pierce Gagnon voices Boss Baby’s brother, Tim Templeton, while George Lopez lends his voice to Santa. Hope Levy is Mom Templeton, David Collins is Dad Templeton and Ray Chase is Dongle. Others on the cast list are Kevin Michael Richardson, Justin Felbinger, Alex Cazares, Ben Lepley, and Jodi Benson. Boss Baby: Back In The Crib executive producer Brandon Sawyer is back to reprise his role with Matt Engstrom serving as the supervising producer.

Boss Baby Christmas Bonus will premiere on Netflix on December 6. Check out the trailer below;

via Collider

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