‘Enola Holmes 2’: New Video Sees Millie Bobby Brown Go BTS Video with Henry Cavill and Louis Partridge!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has shared a new behind-the-scenes video from the making of Enola Holmes 2 with its star, Millie Bobby Brown, front and center. The featurette, shot by the actress’ brother Charlie Brown, is filled with dramatic and quirky music and shows both a look at how the film was made, and the nonsense that the young stars got up to during their downtime.

Louis Partridge, who appears as Viscount Tewkesbury, is shown larking around with Brown backstage on a street which has been converted into 1880s London and commenting question what exactly they are standing in. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes himself, Henry Cavill, is featured in a matchstick factory where he can’t help himself but attempt to make Brown laugh on camera.

This leads to a memorable moment later in the video, when the two stars attempt to shoot a scene which involves Enola trying to get her inebriated brother home after an evening of drinking, with the two of them unable to keep straight faces as Cavill‘s drunken buffoonery keeps making Brown burst out laughing. The video certainly demonstrates the camaraderie that appeared to exist between the stars, as shown by their affection for each other.

The plot of the sequel revolves around Enola attempting to start her own detective agency, without as much success as her brother, before taking on the case of the disappearance around London matchgirl Sarah Chapman. An important historical figure, truth is woven into fiction as Enola uncovers the horrific working conditions faced by the matchgirls and attempting to right those wrongs, leading to the first ever strike by women.

The movie has evidently been hitting the spot with audiences. Brown, herself, has even taken to Instagram to thank audiences, by posting a screenshot showing Enola Holmes 2 and Enola Holmes as the top two films streaming in the UK. Per Netflix‘s own numbers, the sequel has had giant viewing figures in the past week with 64.08 million hours viewed, almost double that of The Good Nurse which sits in 2nd place on 36.78 million. Enola Holmes also finds itself in the top ten, with 9.64 million views as audiences refamiliarize themselves with the teenage sleuth.

Enola Holmes 2 and its predecessor, Enola Holmes, are streaming on Netflix right now. Check out the behind the scenes featurette below:

via Collider

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