‘I Am Ruth’: First Image Sees Kate Winslet Embrace Her Real-Life Daughter!! Check It Out!!

Channel 4 has released the first look images for I Am Ruth, the next installment of its acclaimed female-led anthology series I Am created by BAFTA winner, Dominic Savage. Oscar-winner Kate Winslet leads the feature film which co-stars her real-life daughter, Mia Threapleton in what is a classic case of art imitating life as both play fictional parent and daughter in the film.

In keeping with the emotional elements for which the series is known, I Am Ruth is set to offer a convincing portrayal of an increasingly strained relationship between a mother, Ruth, and her daughter, Freya. Ruth grows progressively worried as her daughter becomes reclusive and increasingly distant — a behavior that is triggered by excessive and unhealthy use of social media. The single image released by the network teases a possible redemption for their relationship as a distraught Ruth is seen pulling in her obviously upset daughter for a warm embrace. Per the official description, the film is “a story for our times about the endemic mental health crisis affecting young people.”

As with its predecessors, Savage developed the film and crafted its story in collaboration with the lead actress, in this case, Winslet. “The collaborative and sensitive way in which Dominic Savage goes about creating and filming each episode of ‘I Am’ is challenging, rewarding, and completely immersive,” said Winslet in a statement. “The actors become these roles, and there is simply no room for pretending. It’s a working environment that any actor would give anything to be a part of, and I can safely say with my hand on heart that I will never forget the things we learnt as we made this piece.”

Kate Winslet Mia Threapleton I Am Ruth
Image via Channel 4

Winslet further raved about her experience working with Savage appreciating the director’s approach of keeping “things to a bare minimum” as opposed to the set of blockbuster movies that the actress describes as often being “overwhelming.” “It was a privilege and an inspiration to work with Dominic Savage. He’s simply extraordinary,” Winslet further remarked. The director shared mutual sentiments describing his experience filming Winslet as “an absolute highlight of my filmmaking career.”

I Am Ruth equally sticks to the film series’ naming convention of having the lead’s name in the title. The many similarities to previous installments notwithstanding it does differ in one key aspect – I Am Ruth is a feature-length film that will have a runtime of 2 hours, a deviation from the usual 46-minute runtime of previous series episodes. Two series have aired so far since the 2019 premiere, with each featuring 3 episodes telling a distinct story. The film series is looking to expand even further with more iterations in the works.

I Am Ruth is from the stables of Me+You Productions and Juggle Productions. Executive producers include Savage, Winslet, and Richard Yee with Krishnendu Majumdar and Josh Hyams serving as producers.

I Am Ruth is expected to premiere on Channel 4 this winter. Also, this winter, Winslet will be seen in the hotly anticipated Avatar sequel, Avatar: Way of Water coming to theaters near you on December 16.

via Collider

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