‘The Flash’: ‘Batwoman’ Javicia Leslie to Play Red Death in Final Season!!

The CW has been steadily cutting back on a number of its Arrowverse shows. While the likes of Naomi, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the Javicia Leslie-led Batwoman all faced the axe, The Flash – which is one of the longest-running shows at The CW – gets to wrap up with a ninth and final season. The show’s star, and titular hero, Grant Gustin will have his chance to finish up his story, and as previously reported, Leslie will be joining him on set in a dangerous role.

When news broke that Leslie would join the cast of The Flash, the question of who exactly she played remained. However, that mystery has been dispelled as the actress will not be playing just any Arrowverse character, but the Red Death. A video from the set of the final season has shown Leslie in her Red Death costume alongside co-stars Gustin and Paul Anthony. Leslie has also given followers a bit of a nostalgic feeling, as the actress has posted photos and a video of herself on Instagram wearing the Ryan Wilder/Batwoman costume. This would be the first time many would have seen Leslie in her heroine costume since the show ended earlier this year.

As the final season of The Flash wraps with all its speedy events, we will be having more than our fair share of Leslie on camera. Despite no story details from Warner Bros. TV and The CW, Leslie will be pulling off a double character duty in this final season. The return of Batwoman for the final season of The Flash would not be the first time Ryan Wilder appears on the series. Following on from taking over the role of Ruby Rose as the titular heroine, Leslie’s Wilder appeared durring the “Armageddon” event in Season 8.

So who is the Red Death? The character originates from the Dark Multiverse, to be specific Earth -52. In this reality, Batman aka Bruce Wayne is losing allies on all sides and needs to boost his abilities to take down his enemies. His anger and sights turn to The Flash aka Barry Allen. Batman straps Flash to the Batmobile and drive the pair into the Speed Force. There he ultimately steals Flash’s powers merging the two beings and emerging as the Red Death.

Whether or not Leslie’s character will be the big bad villain from the comics remains to see, but it would certainly be interesting to see her switch between characters while following the story to see how the Red Death arrives. Leslie’s appearance as the Red Death in the series would also mean that the origins of the villainous character would also need to be altered from what is known in the comics.

The ninth and final season of The Flash will air on The CW in 2023.


via Collider

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