‘Andor’: New Featurette Breaks Down Cassian’s Story!! Check It Out!!

Disney has unveiled another look at their Star Wars spinoff, Andor. The show, based around one of the central characters from 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, tells the origins of Cassian Andor, a thief-turned-spy for the Rebel Alliance.

The series has concluded its arc within the Narkina 5 prison, and audiences — as well as star Diego Luna — are now beginning to find out exactly who Cassian Andor is, what drives him, and where he came from. The one-minute-long clip shows scenes from Episodes 7 to 10, and is based around Cassian discovering what his greater purpose is, stating that he would “rather die than give [The Empire] what they want.” Luna‘s went on to summarize Cassian’s character arc:

“This is a different representation of the Empire. The control, and the lack of freedom. Cassian finds himself in the wrong place, in the wrong moment. This is the first moment where he understands what Luthen saw in Cassian. That he is capable of putting a team together, and that he is willing to sacrifice to feel part of something bigger. Nothing is gonna stop him.”

​​​TVLine ran their own featurette via Lucasfilm, which expanded on the Disney release and goes into more details behind the scenes of Episodes 7 to 10. The featurette, entitled “Uprising Unveiled” takes a closer look at the design of the Narkina 5 facility, and features Luna, Andy Serkis, Tony Gilroy, Toby Haynes, and Luke Hull.

Haynes, the director of Episodes 8-10 describes the prison’s electrified flooring which keeps the inmates on a short leash knowing they could be killed at any moment, stating that “It’s so easy to die in this place, nobody steps out of line” until Cassian encourages Kino to join him in starting an uprising.

Speaking to Collider, Serkis praised Gilroy‘s world-building for the show, which has garnered rave reviews and continues to delight audiences — despite initially low viewing numbers, with many labeling the series the best thing Disney has done with Star Wars since it purchased Lucasfilm a decade ago while teasing more secrets yet to be revealed. “It’s really important what they’re building,” said Serkis. “And I think for those who have a keen eye, and as you know the lore of Star Wars, will find that the pieces that are being made are… I’m not going to give it away because you have to dig around for yourself.”

Andor currently has two episodes remaining of its first season, due to air on November 16 and November 23. A second twelve-episode season is in development, which will conclude the series and lead into the events of Rogue One. You can watch the new featurette down below.

via Collider

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