‘Limitless’: New Trailer Sees Chris Hemsworth Putting Himself to the Ultimate Test!! Check It Out!!

Chris Hemsworth is gearing up to test his physical, mental, and emotional abilities in a new teaser for Disney+ and National Geographic’s upcoming series, Limitless. Dropping onto the streaming service this Wednesday, November 16, the project will see the Marvel star pushing himself beyond his wildest imaginings in a series that will take a look at how humans can take the steps necessary to live longer and more fulfilling lives.

In the teaser, the Thor actor reveals that he’ll be “taking on six of the toughest tests,” challenging himself to go as far as his body will allow. Audiences get a taste of the danger that Hemsworth will be putting himself in as he takes on physical challenges that see him thrown into a pool with his arms tied behind his back, dangling on a rope while suspended in the air, and preparing to take his first steps across a crane between a set of skyscrapers. Although only the physically draining tasks were put on display in the latest look, we also know that Hemsworth’s emotional and psychological abilities will be pushed during the six-episode series.

Back in early October, the show’s official trailer better broke down the episodes and introduced the professionals who will help Hemsworth on his quest for health. “Stress-Proof” will feature the actor’s death-defying walk between skyscrapers with the help of Psychologist Modupe Akinola who will remind him that his fear is all in his head. Teaming up with his equally beefed up brothers, Liam and Luke Hemsworth, “Shock” will see the trio plunge into arctic waters to test the benefits of cold-water immersion. With the help of Dr. Peter Attia, “Fasting” will see Hemsworth try his best to abstain from eating for four days, which will help bolster his primal instincts to find food in the Great Barrier Reef. Extreme sports icon Ross Edgley will cheer Hemsworth on in “Strength” which will see the actor attempt to climb that 100 ft rope we see in the latest teaser.

On the more mental side of things (not that the physical challenges aren’t also mental), Hemsworth will go full Man vs. Wild in “Memory” which will see him relying on his brain to find his way out of the wilderness without the aid of a map or GPS. Finally, “Acceptance” will follow Hemsworth’s look into the future where he’ll trade in his muscles for an aging suit that will help replicate the struggles brought on by getting older.

The project is executive produced by Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel under their Protozoa with Hemsworth and Ben Grayson for Wild State, and Nutopia’s Jane Root, Arif Nurmohamed, and Ruth Shurman. National Geographic’s Bengt Anderson and Matt Renner are rounding out the team

You can check out the latest teaser for Limitless below and watch Hemsworth put his mind and body to the test when the six-part series hits Disney+ on November 16.

via Collider

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