‘Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies’ Trailer Teases the Other Side of the Case!! Check It Out!!

If you’re a true crime fan, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard the tragic story of the death of Caylee Anthony and the larger-than-life trial against her mother, Casey Anthony. For the first time since her acquittal, Anthony is stepping in front of the camera and putting all the power into the hands of a production company who are making a three-part docuseries based on the happenings of her daughter’s mysterious death and the media heavy trial that would follow. Over the weekend, we shared the short yet satisfying first teaser from the Alexandra Haggiag Dean-created series titled Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies, and today, Peacock has released a full trailer giving us a look at your latest true crime obsession.

The trailer quickly reveals just how talked about the case was as it opens on one of the most shocking moments of all — Anthony’s 911 call that revealed her two-year-old daughter had been missing for 31 days. Diving right into it, it’s clear that the interviewer won’t hold back with questions as she quickly begins grilling Anthony about her suspected involvement in her child’s death. But, it’s also made apparent that the docuseries plans to give Anthony and those closest to her a platform to tell their own story, something that was hijacked by the media during the headline-making case. Now given center stage to tell her side of the story, Anthony speaks up and promises to explain why she “lied”.

In a statement released by Dean, the series’ showrunner shares her intrigue and fascination with Anthony’s case addressing how it was “largely shaped by the media” who were “convinced of her guilt.” While she wanted to get Anthony’s word out there, a side that hasn’t been heard since her trial over a decade ago, she wanted to be careful in the way the series was produced. To do this, Dean and her team held onto “complete editorial control,” not allowing Anthony to “see or give notes on the film”.

The project took place over six months via a multitude of interviews, with Dean composing what she called “a startling psychological portrait of Casey Anthony and a complete narrative of what she says happened to her daughter.” Combining Anthony’s story with the evidence covered by the defense team, Dean has crafted what looks to be a well-detailed account of the troubling murder of Caylee Anthony.

Talked about at every workplace and around dinner tables across the country, the Anthony case completely gripped the nation with everyone having their theories on what exactly took place in Florida back in 2008. Hear from Anthony for the first time in years via the trailer below, and tune in for her full side of the story when Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies begins streaming on Peacock on November 29.

via Collider

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