‘Divorce Bait’ Trailer Sees a Married Couple Pretend to Get a Divorce to Test Loyalties!! Check It Out!!

Synopsis – Alexis Laguna (Vasquez) is a happily re-married, suburban housewife. But when she finds out that her friends are divorcing, and have begun to date others within their circle, she starts to spiral. Who can she trust? Alexis comes up with a plan. She announces on social media that she and Marco (Berti) are getting a divorce to see which of her friends will try to steal her husband. Meanwhile, an old flame comes back into her life as she returns to her former career as a hand model. Now Alexis must learn the true meaning of trust, or fail at yet another marriage.

Directed –

Starring – Vannessa Vasquez, Justin Berti, Erik Fellows

Check out the trailer:

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