‘The Last of Us’: New Clip Teases a Clicker!! Check It Out!!

HBO’s The Last of Us can’t come sooner! The highly anticipated series is soon coming to CCXP though, and to make the announcement the official Twitter handle of the show revealed a short clip. In the tense new clip, Joel and Ellie are seen hiding from a Clicker in what appears to be a warehouse. As Joel signals Ellie to stay mum, the clip fades to black, but we can only imagine it’ll be followed by a thrilling, action-packed sequence when the series finally arrives next year.

The Last of Us features Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in the leading roles, and looks quite faithful to its source material. Based on Naughty Dog’s video game of the same name, the upcoming series will follow Joel, a hardened survivor, who is tasked to smuggle a teenager Ellie, who is humanity’s last hope to survive the outbreak of a mutant Cordyceps fungus, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, what starts as a regular job for Joel becomes a brutal and heartbreaking journey, as he starts seeing the daughter he lost in Ellie. As the duo travel through the US, they need to depend on each other for survival.

The Naughty Dog game has a huge fanbase, so adapting the source material has been paramount for the makers. The upcoming nine-episode series is co-written by Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin, along with the original games’ director, Neil Druckmann, and while the premise sounds very familiar to fans, the latter has previously promised that the show will be similar, but different from the games. The previously revealed trailer and posters hit the right notes, as the upcoming feature looks thrilling and seems to take itself seriously. Historically speaking, live-action video game adaptations have failed to impress fans, so there are high expectations from a very wide fan base of The Last of Us games.

Along with Pascal and Ramsey, the series also features Anna Torv as Tess, Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Nico Parker as Sarah, Nick Offerman as Bill, Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen, Murray Bartlett as Frank, Merle Dandridge as Marlene, Storm Reid as Riley, and Jeffrey Pierce as Perry. The series also brings back the game’s voice cast, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, who brilliantly played Ellie and Joel, featuring alongside Lamar Johnson as Henry, Keivonn Woodard as Sam, Graham Greene as Marlon, Elaine Miles as Florence, and more.

The Last of Us premieres on January 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max. You can check out the new clip below:

via Collider

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