‘Dirty Dancing 2’: Star Jennifer Grey Reveals Details from Upcoming Sequel!!

Ever since it was first announced in 2020, fans have been anxiously looking for any sliver of news about the upcoming Dirty Dancing sequel. While last spring the film did get a director attached and a 2024 release date, the fans have wanted to know more. Now, thanks to an interview with Extra, the original film’s star Jennifer Grey has dropped some exciting information!

While it has already been announced that she would return for the sequel, Grey put any fears to bed and confirmed that she will be reprising her role of Baby Houseman. She of course is keeping a lot of details on the sequel a secret for now, but she did say that fans can “count on it being at Kellerman’s”, the fictional resort where the first film was set. Grey also teased that “you will see other characters that are from the original.” While much of this was assumed or teased in previous announcements about the sequel, hearing it straight from the mouth of Baby herself makes it all feel so much more real!

The original Dirty Dancing was an instant icon of the 1980s. The original film followed Baby (Grey) as she spent one unforgettable summer in the 1960s at Kellerman’s, an upscale resort, as she fell in love with Johnny, a dance instructor at the resort played by the late Patrick Swayze. From start to end, Dirty Dancing is full of iconic moments that have kept it in the zeitgeist today. With quotable lines like “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”, to the catchy soundtrack, and to the messages and themes of the film that are all too relevant today. The plot of the sequel is currently unknown but is said to take place in the 1990s.

Another great bit of information Grey teased in the interview is that the film is set to begin filming this spring! Currently, Grey is the only cast member announced so far for the sequel. But with filming so close to starting, fans may be getting that news soon!

Jonathan Levine, director of Warm Bodies and 50/50, will be directing the sequel from a script written by himself, Elizabeth Chomko, Mikki Daughtry, and Tobias Iaconis. Chomko previously wrote the 2018 drama What They Had. Daughtry and Iaconis are a writing team who have previously worked together on the teen-romance film Five Feet Apart and the horror film The Curse of La Llorona.

Stay tuned to Collider for any future updates on this upcoming Dirty Dancing sequel.


via Collider

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