‘You’ Season 4: New Images Introduce Joe Goldberg’s New Subjects!! Check It Out!!

2023 looks to be another hot year for Netflix originals. The streamer isn’t wasting any time either as one of their most popular series You is returning for its fourth season in early February. Now Netflix has released over a dozen new images that teases Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg aka Professor Jonathan Moore’s “new subjects”.

The images give us the best look yet at all the new characters of the upcoming season. There’s “Professor Moore” teaching a class, Lukas Gage’s Adam in a nice fuzzy sweater, Charlotte Ritchie’s Kate, Amy-Leigh Hickman’s Nadia deep in conversation, Tilly Keeper’s Lady Phoebe, and Ed Speleers’ Rhys talking to Professor Moore with the London skyline behind them. The last two images in the first batch sees Stephen Hagan’s Malcolm looking concerned and Professor Moore getting ready to kill someone with what appears to be a razor wire. The next batch of images sees Kate and Lady Phoebe having a drink together, Eve Austin’s Gemma living their best life with her phone, coffee, and shopping bags in hand, Ozioma Whenu’s Blessing at a party of some kind, Ben Wiggins’ Roald, Aidan Cheng’s Simon, Niccy Lin’s Sophie, and Brad Alexander’s Edward. However, the juiciest image sees Professor Moore getting intimate with Kate.

This new season of You is exciting for so many reasons, but arguably the main reason is that Joe has a career in the public eye. In the past, he’s been a bookstore keeper, grocery store worker, and a librarian. Jobs that he could easily hide in when his crazy side took over. However, being a professor at a University in London is anything but private. From the new images, it looks like Joe will be struggling to keep his murderous side under wraps. If there are two things Joe hates the most it’s young people and the wealthy elite. He spent the last three seasons in endless monologues about his disdain for those two groups. The problem for Joe is youth and wealth are all over these images. Because of that, we’re sure to get even more colorful commentary from him this season.

It’s going to be interesting to see how You tops its explosive Season 3. The last time we saw Joe he finally killed his equally insane wife Love, burnt down his house, and fled to Europe. One of the dangling plot threads not featured in these new images is Tati Gabrielle’s Marienne who worked with Joe in the Library where he became obsessed with her last season. This was to the point that Love tried to kill her, but couldn’t because of Marienne’s daughter. This caused Marienne to flee to London where we now see Joe in his new alias. Old habits die hard, and it appears that Joe is teaching at the same University Marienne attends which is sure to go over well when she inevitably finds out.

You Season 4 will debut in two parts. Part 1 will premiere on Netflix February 9, 2023, before finishing out its season in Part 2 a month later on March 9, 2023. While fans anxiously wait for Season 4’s next trailer, you can view You’s new images down below.


via Collider


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