‘The Collective’: Don Johnson and Ruby Rose Join Upcoming Action-Thriller!!

Ruby Rose and Don Johnson have been cast in the upcoming action-thriller The Collective, according to Deadline. The two will lead the film along with Lucas Till and Tyrese Gibson.

The film follows a group of assassins called The Collective. In the movie, the group goes after a human trafficking ring that is backed by a network of billionaires, who appear to be untouchable. For this mission, the group will have no choice but to trust rookie assassin Sam Alexander (Till), who must prove that he is a worthy member of The Collective.

Rose plays Daisy, the film’s villain who is the general manager of the human trafficking organization. Rose‘s previous work includes 2022’s 1UP, 2021’s Vanquish, and the first season of The CW‘s Batwoman. Johnson plays Liam, a former CIA operative who is now a member of The Collective. Johnson‘s previous work includes 2019’s Knives Out, 2018’s Dragged Across Concrete, and Book Club. Gibson plays Hugo, another member of The Collective who was previously a CIA operative. Gibsons‘s previous work includes this year’s Morbius, 2021’s Dangerous, and Rogue Hostage. Till‘s previous work includes 2020’s Son of the South, 2017’s Monster Trucks, and CBSMacGyver reboot.

The Collective, which recently finished production, was directed by Tom DeNucci, with a screenplay from Matt Rogers and Jason James. Yale Entertainment‘s Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman are producers for the film. “This is a super fun script filled with action and excitement, and we’re so happy with this amazing cast that came on board to help bring this story to life,” Levine and Beckerman said about the film. Richard Switzer is also a producer in association with Dawn’s Light Media. “I’m very grateful for the chance to collaborate with Yale and Tom DeNucci on this project, and to help him achieve his incredible vision for this film,” said Switzer. Ian Niles, Jason Cherubini, Shaun Sanghani, Jason Kringstein, Sabine Stener, Tara J. Martin, and Alan Liebowitz are executive producers for the film. Yale Entertainment‘s sales banner Great Escape will be in charge of the film’s worldwide sales.

No official release date has been announced for The Collective. Fans can see Rose‘s previous work in Batwoman and Johnson‘s previous work in Dragged Across Concrete, which are both currently available to stream on HBO Max.


via Collider

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